Inspiring Homeopathy Kits

$ 197.00

Original Inspiring Homeopathy kits based on the works of Dr. Tinus Smits nad Kim Kalina. There are four remedies in six potencies per kit; Potencies are 30X, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M in 2 dram vials and LM1 in 1 dram vial
Kit #1 has 25th remedy as Sacc-off 6X
Kit #2 has 25th remedy as Hydrogenium LM3 in 1 dram vial

Kit #1:

LAC MATERNUM – Lack of incarnation, sense of floating, vertigo, fainting, day dreaming, lack of joy. Lack of boundaries.
VERNIX CASEOSA - Lack of protection, feels vulnerable, hypersensitive, insecurity, cannot stop thinking, worrying. Unaware of Self, lack boundaries.
CARCINOSINUM CUM CUPRUM – Obstinate, strong sense of duty, ambitious, fear of failure, Lacks self confidence. Anticipation anxiety.

SACCHARUM OFFICINALE - Sadness, weakness, fits of anger, fear of abandonment by mother, lack of self love.

Kit #2:

CARCINOSINUM (T58) - Lack of confidence, connecting the inner force, cancer, a deeper understanding. Fear of cancer; fear in a crowd; fear in narrow places; fear in high places; fear of spiders, mice, snakes; fear of failure in examinations; fear of failure; fear of thunderstorms

RHUS TOXICODENDRON – history of abuse, victim consciousness, trauma from past, suppressed anger.

ANACARDIUM ORIENTALE -Profound melancholy, severe emotional trauma, feels body separate from body, easily offended.

HYDROGENIUM - lack of connection with Self. Lonely, indifferent, thoughts of death. Lacks self Acceptance.

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