Digestive System

Lower Digestive System
bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas

(F) Flower Essence (G) Gem Essence (H) Herb (Hom) Homeopathic Remedy

Aloe vera (Hom) - Diarrhea with gurgling, rumbling that precedes a watery, gassy stool. Sudden urge in a.m. Jelly like lumps, offensive, even bloody stool. Bleeding hemorrhoids, Stool escapes if passing gas or urinating. Burning anus. Irritable and weak. Much gas with full, heavy, dragging in abdomen. Like a plug in the pelvis. Worse: a.m., heat, damp, food or drink. Better: cool air, after stool.

Aloe vera (F) - Upset stomach and indigestion are relieved. This essence makes one more sensitive to other people.

Alumina (Hom) - Constipation with absence of desire until there is a large amount. Painful urging before stool, and intense straining to pass even soft stool. Must remove stool by hand. Dry, knotty, hard stools. Cutting pains in anus during stool, bleeding. Good in pregnancy, bottle fed infants, old people. Mentally dull, foggy. Worse: warmth, starch, potatoes, on waking. Better: while standing up.

Arg nit (Hom) Nitrate of Silver - Bloating with distention, loud explosive belching, passing gas. Pain and colic. Gas cannot be brought up voluntarily, but comes up later, violently. Desires cold food and drink, that give relief. Desires sugar that upsets stomach. Mental exhaustion. Fear of failure, anticipation anxiety. Worse: heat, sweets, Worse: after eating, indoors. Better: cool, open air,

Arsenicum alb (Hom) - Diarrhea with burning in anus, abdomen. Much urging but painless diarrhea. Nausea. Foul, watery stool, odorless gas. Stool of dark mucus. Exhaustion, chills. Emaciation. Burning thirst for small sips. Anxiety, fear of death, restlessness. Worse: midnight, a.m., damp, motion, eating, cold food or drink, cheese, ice cream, fruit, bad meat, alcohol, in the aged. Better: warmth, milk.

Belladonna (Hom) Deadly Nightshade - Sudden, intense cramps in the colon, appendix, etc. with inflammation. Sharp pains come up and go suddenly. Hot, throbbing, distended abdomen. Flushed face, throbbing head, feverish, dilated pupils. Restless, anxious. Worse: motion, least jarring, lying on painful side, deep breath. Better: lying on stomach, passing gas, leaning back or forward, light pressure.

Bryonia (Hom)Wild Hops - Constipation with no desire, must strain, painful. Stools dry. Hard, look as if burnt, too large. Dry mouth, coated tongue, bitter taste; intense thirst for large amounts. Constipation associated with headache, irritability. May alternate with diarrhea in a.m. Useful in Infants, teething, old age, pregnancy, childbirth, during menses. Worse: a.m., moving about, eating, touch, cold drinks. Better: rest, quiet.

Carbo veg (Hom) Vegetable Charcoal - Gas in upper abdomen. Bloating, loud belching, which relieves feeling. Fermentation, rancid or putrid rising, acid reflux. Foul gas, cramps. Heaviness, fullness, sleepiness. Listless, sluggish. Low vitality, chilly. Worse: pressure of belt, pork, butter, fats, milk, wine, rich foods, night, lying down, half hour after food. Better: belching, passing wind, cool breeze.

Chamomilla (Hom) Matricaria recutita - Cramps with griping, cutting around navel, pain in low back. Colic, flatus in infants. Diarrhea with green stool, like chopped spinach, with sulphurous smell. Belches rotten egg smell. Red cheeks, hot sweats. Restless, angry. No relied from passing gas. Worse: warmth, night, touch, eating, coffee, night 9a.m. or 9 p.m. Better: heat, pressure, rubbing, cold applications.

China (Hom)Peruvian Bark - Diarrhea with yellow, watery, undigested stool soon after eating, only at night or first thing in the a.m. Desires sour fruits. Pale face with dark circles under eyes. Colic before stool (afternoons). Diarrhea from fruits or after an illness. Great weakness, trembling from loss of fluids. Thirst for small amounts. Worse: alternate days, touch, jar. Better” pressure, fasting, loose clothes. Gas and bloating with gurgling and rumbling, much foul flatulence. Colic every afternoon. Fermentation, great distention; much belching but does not relieve. Strong appetite, but things taste bitter. Dark urine. Apathy, dizziness. Worse: night, after eating, tea, fruit, milk, motion. Better: pressure, looseining clothing, doubling up, lying, fasting. Desires sour fruits, cherries.

Colocynthis (Hom) Bitter Cucumber - Cramping, squeezing pains, rolling in pain. Restless, moaning in pain. Colic proceeded by flatus. Extends to rectum, low back. Doubled up. Irritable, restless. Effects of anger or humiliation. Faintness with cramps. Worse: eating, drinking, anger, 6 a.m., night, lying on stomach. Better: bending double, warmth, hard pressure, coffee, after stool, gas, motion.

Copper (G)- For constipation copper is called the metal of assimilation because it alleviates intestinal disorders and stimulates metabolism. Restless, excitable, apathetic, neurotic. Copper increases self acceptance.

Dioscorea (Hom) Wild Yam - Cramps with griping pains around navel. Violent twisting, grinding episodes of colic. Pains stop suddenly, start elsewhere. Pains dart, radiate everywhere; from abdomen to back, chest, arms. Walks for relief, even though tired. Worse: bending double, lying, sitting, drinking tea, eating, 2 a.m.; evening. Better: standing erect, bending backwards, open air, hard pressure, motion.

Graphites (Hom) Black Lead - Constipation with large difficult, knotty stools. Burning hemorrhoids. Brown watery stools mixed with undigested food, very fetid, sour odor. Sore, itching anus. Nauseous feeling in abdomen with fullness and hardness. Must loosen clothing. Very fetid gas preceded by colic. Apprehensive, despondent, indecisive. Worse: warmth, night, during and after menstruation. Better: in the dark, from wrapping up.

Lycopodium (Hom) Club Moss - Constipation; little desire or ineffectual urging and painful constriction of anus. Large, hard stools, difficult to expel. Rectal aching, fullness. Bleeding hemorrhoids, weak liver. Bloated and full all the time. Loud rumbling, noisy passing of gas. constant gas, bloating, gurgling after eating. Hungary, but quickly full. Sour belching. Long thin stools. Abdomen feels weak, sagging. Irritable in a.m. Low self esteem. Lack of confidence, but dictatorial. Worse: lying down, sitting, pressure of clothes, heat, cabbage, onions, cold food, sweets, oysters. Better: warm drinks and food.

Magnesium (G)- People deficient in magnesium experience depression, irritability, nervousness, different types of convulsions, chronic exhaustion, mental confusion and severe diarrhea.

Nat mur (Hom) Chloride of Sodium - Constipation, difficult stools; dry, hard, crumbling, tearing the rectum. Anal contraction. Bleeding rectal fissures; burning, smarting after stool. May altenate days with watery diarrhea. Thirsty, craves salt. Red patches on tongue. Migraines. Depressed, weepy, easily hurt, wants solitude. Worse: 9-11 a.m., lying. Heat, touch, pressure. Better: open air, sweating.

Nux moschata (Hom) Nutmeg - Gas and bloating with enormous distention; all foods turn to gas. Total constipation, foul gas. Heaviness, pressure, cramps from gas. Dry mouth and throat, but lack of thirst. Craves spices. Easily full; eating to much causes headache. Confused, absent minded, spacey. Very drowsy, faints Easily. Chilliness. Worse: open air cold, damp, cold food, drafts, milk, Better: passing gas.

Nux vomica (Hom) Poison Nut - Constipation with frequent desire; much urging, straining, passes small quantities. Unfinished sensation. Feels better after stool. Long habit of taking laxatives. Constricted, spastic anus. Hard, dark stool. Alternates with diarrhea. Constipation associated with hemorrhoids, headache, irritability, stomach upsets. Cramps from gas, griping pain. Stomach cramps after breakfast, after eating, evening after lying down, after stool, with nausea. Gas and bloating with distention and pressure upward, but difficult to belch or pass gas with heaviness, spasms, colic. Loss of appetite. Sore abdomen. Nausea but can’t vomit. Muscle spasms and low back pain. Chilly. Effects of overeating, alcohol, drugs, coffee, sedentary lifestyle. Angry, irritable, drive, impatient. Worse: pressure of clothes, morning, touch, spices, cold, lying down, coffee, alcohol. Better: milk.

Plumbum (Hom) Lead - Cramps with violent colic, sensation as if abdominal wall was drawn in by a string. Pain in Abdomen, radiating to all parts of body. Stone hard abdomen. Feels contracted, stretches violently in all directions. Hard, knotty stool. Insomnia from cramps. Quiet depression, weal memory. Worse: night, motion, touch. Better: hard pressure, rubbing, bending backward, warmth.

Podophyllum (Hom) May Apple - Diarrhea with rumbling all over abdomen followed by painless, profuse diarrhea. Usually yellow, pasty and putrid stools or can be profuse, gushing, painless, watery, slimy. Weak, empty, sick feeling after stool. Sore liver. Raw, sore prolapsed rectum. Worse: early a.m., eating or drinking, hot weather, motion. Better: lying on stomach, rubbing abdomen.

Pulsatilla (Hom) Wind Flower - Diarrhea with green or mucus stools or stools that constantly change in character and color. room. Hemorrhoids with itching and sticking pains. Gas and bloating with rumbling and belching. Pain in stomach an hour after eating. Bitter taste, diminished taste of all food. Not thirsty, moody, weepy. Worse: from heat, rich, fatty foods, after eating, warm room. Better: open air, motion, cold applications, cold food and drinks.

Sepia (Hom) Cuttlefish Ink - Constipation with unsuccessful urging; only much flatulence and jelly-like mucus passed. Constant dragging, heaviness, pressure. Empty feeling, not better eating. After stools feels as if lumps remains in the rectum. Low back pain, weakness. Craves pungent foods. Apathetic, exhausted, depressed, over worked. Worse: evening, cold, damp, pregnancy, menses.Better: intense exercise.

Sulphur (Hom)- Violent, urging diarrhea at 5 a.m. Weak bowels and anal sphincter. Constant urging, colic. Itching, burning, crawling, raw, anus. Prolapse. Changeable, undigested, mushy, frothy stool. Smell of rotten eggs. Bad body odor. Hot with diarrhea. Emptiness, sudden hunger at 10 a.m. Worse: eating or drinking, milk, damp, night, suppressed skin diseases.

Thuja occidentalis (F) Cedar - Cleanses the intestinal tract and restores fresh tissue to the colon. A mild laxative similar to psyllium seed. In many cases, the relationship of the root chakra to the digestive tract will be aided by Cedar. This is particularly true when individuals have a physical response in taking Cedar that they feel in the root or crown chakra.

Veratrum album (Hom) White Hellebore - Diarrhea with cutting colic, vomiting, cold sweats, collapses, weakness. Watery, green or blackish with flakes (rice water stool). Odorless. Large stools with straining, followed by diarrhea. Weak, faint after stool. Worse: cold fluids, motion, menses, hot weather, night, fruit. Better: hot srinks, walking. Craves cold drinks, acid fruits. Averse to warm food.