FTC disclaimer: the product’s claims are based only on theories of homeopathy from the 1700s that are not accepted by most modern medical experts.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why do I need to become a member?

We are a private Health Association dispensing to verified Practitioners and their Patients.

2. How do I become a member?

Click on the membership link below or type membership into the webstore search bar. Add membership to shopping cart. Use code member10 to reduce membership fee from $10.00 to zero. In the "order notes" section of the shopping cart type Practitioner name.


If you do not create an account during the membership process create and account here 

Register https://www.iandeorganics.com/account/register

If you are a Practitioner please create an account, join membership (using code member10) and email a copy of diploma or state license. Homeopathic education from an accredited Institution with 500 hours or equivalent qualifies for the ability to order nosode and sarcode remedies. Certificates with less than 500 hours and no homeopathic training will not be given Practitioner status and there are still many remedies available to you. If you are not a Practitioner please ask your Practitioner to contact us by email.

3. What if I do not have a Practitioner?

Members without Practitioners are able to access Cell Salts, Flower Essences, Specialty Remedies and Triturated Single Remedies. We cannot suggest remedy, potency or dosing.


4. How many pellets are in a dram vial? How many drops in a liquid remedy?

Half dram vial holds approximately 175 (#20 size)

1 dram vial holds approximately 140 (#30 size)

2 dram vial holds approximately 280 (#30 size)

4 dram vial holds approximately 560 (#30 size)

The number of drops per ml is 16-20 depending on the viscosity. For example the gemmotherapy remedies have a higher viscosity and lower number 
of drops per ml.
When you calculate the total number of doses available for an alcohol/water solution this would be 17-18 drops per ml.
5How are the remedies made?

 We use the Hahnemann and Korsakovian methods of dilution and succussion according to HPUS pharmacy guidelines. We use the Swann method for CM, DM, MM potencies. By request we will make Fincke potencies. We do not own or use a radionics machine. 

We obtain source material from all over the world with authentication process through a third a party lab.

6. Are the remedies gluten free? Lactose free? Alcohol free?

Sucrose powder from beets (lactose free) is used for triturations. For liquid remedies we use alcohol or colloidal silver (alcohol free) as a preservative. Gluten free alcohol is used by request.

Lactose tabs are made from lactose and acacia gum as a binder.

Sucrose pellets are non GMO, certified organic beet sugar, with dextrates for binder. Lactose free, dairy free, gluten free.


 7. Do you have a list of remedies?

Yes, here is a link to the most current PDF document of Triturated Single Remedies.

 Click here for PDF (current as of March, 2021)

 8. What if  don't see the potency I want listed in the drop down menu?

Simply order the closest potency; for example if you want Calc-carb 5M you would order Calc-carb 1M and in the "order notes" section of the shopping cart type Calc-carb 5M. These requests will be accommodated when possible. Many potencies will require an additional fee.

9. Can I add a remedy to my order?

Please check your order carefully. We are unable to add to order at this time.


10. Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, we ship to Canada and most countries using First Class Mail or DHL. We no longer ship to India.

11. Why does the First Class Mail option say "no liquids"

The First Class Mail option is for up to 8 dry remedies in a 9" x 6" padded envelope. Our current USPS station will not take liquid remedies in a padded first class envelope due to breakage. If you order a liquid and choose the "no liquid" option the order will be refunded. 


All remedies are made to order and cannot be returned.

If you make a mistake while ordering and the package has shipped we will no longer ship the correct remedy at no charge.

If you make a mistake on the shipping address we will no longer reship the order at no charge.

If you make a mistake on the potency we will no longer ship the correct potency at no charge.