Skin Conditions

Skin Conditions
acne, eczema, hives, itching, psoriasis, warts

(F) Flower Essence, (G) Gem Essence (H) Herb (Hom) Homeopathic Remedy

Angelica (F) Angelica archangelica - Helps relieve diseases such as skin ulceration or eczema. Lack of confidence, disorientation, and obsession can be treated with Angelica. Has the ability to integrate one closer to one’s higher self or to communicate with angelic forces.

Antimonium crudum (Hom) Black Sulphide of Antimony - Very hard warts, single or masses of flat warts. Around or under nails of hands or feet. Split or deformed nails, callouses or corns. Smooth flat or brittle warts surrounded by ulcers. Tops of hands and fingers. Tips of fingers and toes. Eyelids. Plantar warts.

Arsenicum (Hom) - Intense itching, turns to burning when scratched raw; when burning stops itching returns. Skin dry as paper, flaking, pussy. Small eruptions or no eruptions. Eczema, psoriasis, hives, herpes. Eczema worse on uncovered areas. Psoriasis red patches with large grayish-white scales over a red base. Scalp, upper limbs, back of hands, knees, chest. Easy bleeding, red inflamed. Chilly, weakness. Restless, anxious, worried about health, death, security. Picky, miserly. Worse: after midnight, cold air or bath, wet. Better: hot bathing, warm room.

Arsenicum iodatum (Hom) Iodide of Arsenic - Psoriasis. Dry, scaly, itching; much peeling of large scales, leaving a raw, inflamed surface. Scalp, wrists, hands, palms, whole body. Very restless, hot, not chilly. Underweight. Worse: dry, cold weather, heat, warm room. Better: open

Berberis aquifolia (Hom) Mountain Grape - Psoriasis or eczema; rough, pimply skin, bran like scales. Itching spots, spread to the whole body. Eruptions on scalp extend to face, neck. Ance, poor complexion. Liver tonic. Swollen glands. Lack of perspiration. Worse: evening, night, rest or excess movement. Better: cold bathing.

Calcium sulphate (Hom) - Severe acne or cystic acne. Stays for weeks in one place. Yellow creamy pus that drains for a long time; with swollen glans. Itching, stinging. Easy infections: skin, sinuses, ears. Poor healing. Warm blooded. Fear of being thought ugly. Anxiety. Averse to those who don’t agree. Worse: heat, drafts, wet, exertion, lower face. Better: open air, bathing.

Carbolicum acidum (Hom)- Prickling, itching, burning, numbness, Scratching relieves but soon returns. Rubbing relieves but causes burning. Increased sense of smell. Itching in allergic reactions, bee stings, infections, skin diseases, cancer. Itching pustules. Tender, itching scalp, face, anus, genitals. Worse: wram room, combing hair, jarring, during pregnancy.

Causticum (Hom) - Large warts, stalked warts, flat warts, fleshy or hard, or old warts. Bleed easily or become inflamed. Oozing an acrid fluid or crusting up. Hands, fingertips, around the nails, arms. Painful and sensitive to touch. Internal warts. Facial warts: eyebrows, around the lids, nose, tip of nose, lips.

Dolichos (Hom) Cowhage - Intense itching with visible eruptions. Cold water makes itching skin burn. Itching in the aged, in liver and gallbladder illness, with constipation. Constipation and itching in pregnancy or during teething. Itchy gums. Shingles. Insomnia, suicidal from horrid itching. Worse: at night, scratching, touch of clothing, warmth of bed, lying.

Dulcamara (Hom) Bittersweet - Itching. Hives with white blotches and red centers. Burning after scratching. Hives during winter, from upset stomach, exposure to cold, rain, or fog. Hives during colds or in children. Warts are usually large, fleshy, smooth, but can be flat. Large crops or groups. Inflamed. Feel worse from washing with cold water. Warts on face, back of hands and fingers, arms. On palms. Quarrelsome, scolding, but not angry. not angry. Worse: cold or wet air, warmth, menses, autumn. Better: cold water, dry.

Graphites (Hom) Black Lead - Eczema red itching pimples, oozing honey-like liquid, which crusts over. Infects and scars easily, heals slowly. Psoriasis with thick, hard scales, cracks and fissures, itching and burning. Scratches till raw with oozing and crusting. Overweight, sweaty, constipated. Scalp, hairline, behind ears, genitals, back of hands, palms, skin folds, Thickened skin, deep cracks in fingers, heels. Nails thick, grooved. Timid, many doubts, lacks confidence. Worse: night, menses.

Kali bromatum (Hom) Bichromate of Potash - Teenage acne, or into adulthood; forehead, upper face, shoulders, back. Blackheads. Pimples with a depressed center; leave purple spots or scars. Painful, inflamed red pimples with white heads. Worse at menses. Yellowish, sickly complexion. Overweight, over eater. Warm blooded. Feels as if under a curse. Suspicious. Conflict between desires and morals.

Mezereum (Hom) Spurge Olive - Eczema with violent itching, smarting, crawling, but part feels cold, as if a cool breeze. Acrid oozing, forms hard, thick crusts with pus under them or white scabs. Terrible itching, especially on thin skin or scalp. Worse from scratching, causing burning, bleeding. Eczema or itching after vaccines. Scalp, margins of hair, face, lids, eyebrows, hands and feet. Cracked lips. Worse: night, slightest touch, heat of bed, drafts, damp. Better: open air.

Nat mur (Hom)Chloride of Sodium - Small itchy blisters with corrosive fluids; skin becomes raw, red, inflamed. Margins of hair, bends of joints, behind ears. Dry, flaky crusts form after. Craves salt, thirsty. Greasy, oily hair. Dry skin in general. Underweight. Eczema from suppressed emotion, inner grief. Avoids consolation, fuss. Worse: warmth, salt, seashore, menses. Better: cool weather or bathing.

Nitric acid (Hom) - Large, soft, jagged, or ragged warts. Watery, foul discharges. Bleeding on the slightest touch, cracking, itchy. Sticking or pricking pains. Around mouth, anus, vagina, cervix, penis. Lips, eyelids, in nose, back of the neck, abdomen. Hands.

Petroleum (Hom) Crude rock oil - Red, raw, moist eczema. Burning and itching; oozing after scratching. Deep cracks in folds, fingers. Bleed easily, become infected. Ulcerations. Eruptions of the palms, fingertips, bends of joints, behind ears, genitals. Psoriasis with dry, very sensitive skin. Rough, thick, leathery, tight, and constricted. Brown spots. Itching, scratch until it bleeds; the part becomes cold after scratching. Worse: winter, cold air, night. Better: warm air, dryness.

Psorinum (Hom) - Itching, stinging; all types of eruptions or itch after suppressed rashes. Scratches till raw or bleeding, prevents sleep. Skin looks dirty, foul odor. Poor reaction; lingering illness or infection, unresolved for many years. Hungry before attack. Gloomy, despairing. Worse: cold air, cold bathing, heat of bed, wool, before midnight, storms. Better: profuse sweats, heats.

Pulsatilla (Hom) Wind Flower - Acne, pimples, particularly at puberty, in young girls, pregnancy. Sties. Frequent itchy hives. Hives from rich foods or emotions. Changeable mood. Flushes easily. Pale, dry cracked lips (licks them). Chilly, but hates heat. No thirst. Affectionate. Forsaken, sad, weepy. Fear if alone or in crowds. Worse: evening, war, air, rich food. Better: fresh air, gentle motion.

Rhus toxicodendron (Hom) Poison Ivy - Itching and burning, with red, swollen, inflamed skin. Very restless. Chronic hives; onset after chilling, getting wet, during fevers, if sweating. Accompanied by joint pains, fever. Hives become infected, blistered. Worse: cold air, damp, rubbing. Better: warm weather, limbering up.

Sepia (Hom) Cuttlefish Ink - Hives of face, neck or whole body. Itching turns to burning if scratched. Burning, stitching, itching. Hives come on in cold air, relieved indoors. In pregnancy, or with uterine, hormonal, menstrual problems. Psoriasis with circular, dry patches, shiny white scales. Thickened, dry skin. Chronic: eyelids, chin, limbs, genitals, anus, bend of elbows, knees. Itching from heat of the bed. Burns after scratching. Brown spots. Warts are dark, brown, flesh colored, or reddish, jagged or flat, often small. Face, hands, fingers, upper arms. Mouth, chin, neck, scalp. Genital warts. Plantar warts. Itching warts, may be inflamed. Depressed, worn out, indifferent to loved ones. Workaholic, driven. Worse: cold, open air, bathing, autumn. Better: warm room, exercise.

Silicea (Hom) Pure Flint - Acne and rosacea. Forehead, cheeks, nose, back of hands. Pitting scars. Pustules, blackheads, boils and abscesses. Itches and burns daytime only. Deep cystic pimples, do not come to a head. Easy infection, poor healing. Chilly, profuse and offensive sweat. Sweaty hands and feet. Stubborn. Lack of confidence, afraid to initiate things. Wants good opinion of others.

Staphysagria (Hom)Stavesacre - Warts are cauliflower-like or withstalk. Soft, moist or sometimes dry, jagged. Warts around the gums, cheeks, tongue. Around the end of the penis, anus. Sensitive to touch. After venereal disease, anger, humiliation, abuse.

Sulphur (Hom)- Acne on forehead, scalp, nose. Rosacea. Oily face. Large pimples, close to the surface. Blackheads, black pores on chin, nose, lips. Painless but itchy pimples, seeping fluid after scratching. Eczema with moist, weepy eruptions, foul odor. Intensely itchy; scratches till it bleeds, causing burning. Skin bleeds easily. Dry, scaly, cracked areas. Unhealthy skin, frequent rashes and infections. Burning hot feet at night. Excessively intellectual, dreamers. Selfish, , lazy, messy, irritable, critical, lethargic, unmotivated. Tired and always hungry. Worse: warmth of the air, bathing, exertion, or bed. Better: dry, cool bathing.

Thuja (Hom) Arbor vitea, Tree of Life - Acne: cheeks, nose, chin. Greasy skin. Moist or crusty pimples that leave bluish marks or scars, pock marks. Hard pimples with red edges. Important for tendency toward warts, growths, benign tumors. Acne in puberty, infants. Many types of warts, but mainly cauliflower, moist, large, broad and rapidly growing with stalks (fig warts). Cracked, oozing warts, smell like old cheese or fish. Face, lips, nose, feet, neck. Crops of warts. Genitals, anus. Feels ugly, unlovable. Sense of shame, guilt. Rigid opinions. Obsessive. Worse: cold baths, scratching, damp.

Urtica urens (Hom) Stinging Nettle - Hives with much burning, itching, prickling. Red raised blotches with white center. Hives from allergies, fish or shellfish, parasites, hot weather, exertion. Recurs annually. Alternates with Rheumatism, fever. Worse: after sleep, warmth, bathing, exercise, night. Better: lying down, rubbing.