Circulatory System

arteriosclerosis, circulation, hemorrhoids, hypertension, varicose veins

(F) Flower essence (G) Gem Essence (H) Herb (Hom) Homeopathic Remedy

Aesculus (Hom) Horsechestnut - Varicose ulcers. Distended purple veins. Purple, puffy skin. Depressed and irritable. Weak lower limbs. Sense of heaviness. Sticking, hot lightening pains. Congestion of the liver with constipation. In hemorrhoids pain like sharp splinters. Hot, raw and sore. Constricted anus, like a knife up and down. Pain, fullness after stool. Crawling and itching. Burning anus with chills up and down the back. Low back, sacral pain. Purple, protruding piles. Worse: walking, standing, motion, cold, winter. Better: open air.

Aloe (Hom) - Hemorrhoids protrude like grapes, Burning in anus. Sore, tender. Bearing down in rectum, weak sphincter. Mucus and pain after stool. Heavy dragging: rumbling bowels. Worse: a.m. Better: from cold bathing.

Arsenicum (Hom) - Circulation disorders; always chilly, with icy cold limbs. Cold sweats. Cramps in hands and feet. Bluish, or pale skin. Weak, exhausted, yet extremely restless limbs. Burning pains. Gangrene in diabetes, in elderly, after burns, in alcoholism. Inflammation of arteries. Cramp-like pains and weakness in the legs induced by walking and relieved by rest. Buerger’s disease. Blue, puffy, swollen limbs. Worse: cold.

Aurum iodatum (Hom)- Arteriosclerosis, hypertension, enlarged heart. Valvular disease. Heart inflammation. Mental disease after medial treatment for heart disease. Palpitation on exertion or anxiety. Constriction. Sensation of heat. Anxious, hurried, but cheerfulness, or hysteria. Worse: warmth, exertion.

Aurum metallicum (Hom) Gold - Arteriosclerosis, hypertension. Valve disease, enlarged, weakened heart. Nightly attacks of pains behind breastbone. Vertigo, loss of memory. Palpitation; sensation as if the heart stopped, then starts with a bound. Surges of blood to head. In hypertension surges of blood to the chest. Violent headache, intense pains at night. Angina. Depressed, suicidal, yet fears death. Effects of grief, loss, failure. Self-blame. Worse: cold, winter, night. Better: open air, warmth, rest.

Baryta mur (Hom) Barium Chloride - Arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure (mainly systolic). Aortic aneurism. Irregular, rapid pulse. Short of breath, chest feels full. Warm-blooded. Exhaustion, vertigo, buzzing. Stomach constriction. Dislikes bathing. Easily angered. Anxiety about the future, fear of people. Mental weakness. Worse: during sleep, standing, open air.

Belladonna (Hom) Deadly Nightshade - Acute hypertensive symptoms; flushed face, dilated pupils, great heat. Pounding headache, throbbing blood vessels. Effects of rage and anger. Worse: 3pm, at menopause, pregnancy, motion, heat of sun, jarring.

Bellis (Hom)Daisy - Distended, engorged veins. Varicose veins during pregnancy, difficulty walking. Painful with deep aching or bruised pain. Heavy, tired limbs. Swollen tissues, bruising. Tendency to bleed. Old injuries or sprains. Worse: fast walking, warmth, touch, chilling. Better: rubbing, motion.

Beryl (G) - Use in any cardiovascular disease, especially where there is deterioration of the cellular walls, hardening of the arteries. Anxiety and overstimulation of the mental faculty can be alleviated. The over analytical or over critical person may need beryl.

Carbo veg (Hom)Vegetable Charcoal - Sluggish, stagnant circulation. Veins congested, easy bruising, skin ulcers, or gangrene. Deeply exhausted, weak. Burning heat, internally. Chilly. Icy cold limbs, knees, feet, hands, nose. Numbness oflimbs when layed on. Blueness or paleness of skin. Lack of oxygen, craves fresh or moving air. In varisose veins a congested blue vein network under the skin. Mottled appearance. Varicosites tend to ulcerate. Slow and sluggish mentally and physically. Limbs go to sleep. Worse: heat, damp, rich foods. Better: elevating feet, cool air, lying down.

Collinsonia (Hom) Stone Root - Chronic, protruding or internal piles. Pain like splinters, sticks, or gravel. Itching, burning of anus, constriction. Bleeding on and off. Palpitations. Chronic constipation, dry stools, flatulence. Alternates with diarrhea. Anal prolapse. Liver congestion. Worse: menses, p.m. Better: heat, a.m.

Coral (G) - Especially associated with strengthening the heart and circulatory system.Eases anemia, varicose veins and contraction of blood vessels. Increases capillary action.

Crataegus (Hom)Hawthorne Berry - Hypertension, shortness of breath, weak, exhausted. Edema. Palpitations with anxiety. Weak valves and heart muscle. Aneurism. Angina. Pains under left collarbone and shoulder blades. Grief, sadness. Heart symptoms of elderly. Worse: warm room. Better: rest, quiet, fresh air.

Crataegus (H) Hawthorn Berry - One of the best tonic remedies for the heart and circulatory system. It acts in a normalizing way by either stimulating or depressing its activity depending upon the nedd. Primary uses are in the treatment of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and angina pectoris. Can be taken as infusion or tincture.

Fluoric acidum (Hom)- Chronic varicose veins, ulcers; in women who have many children. Burning pain in small spots. Small knots of enlarged capillaries, veins. Weak, distended blood vessels. Sensitive veins. Feels need to walk fast. Worse: night, warmth, lying, sitting, touch. Better: fast motion, cool bathing.

Hamamelis (Hom)Witch Hazel - Varicose veins of legs and thighs with congestion, heaviness, swelling, or soreness. Passive bleeding. Varicose veins during pregnancy. Chilliness down legs. Sensitive, stinging, inflamed veins. Itching. Ulcers. Tired, bruised feeling. In hemorrhoids: bluish, pulsating, protruding with bruised soreness, constriction. Profuse bleeding; dark, clotted blood, followed by weakness. Prolapse with fullness and weight. Back pain. Better: Worse: pregnancy, touch, jarring. Better: lying, motion.

Hamaemlis virginiana (H) Witch Hazel - as an ointment is is extremely usefulfor easing hemorroids and varicose veins. Can be used wherever there is bleeding, either internally or externally.

Lachesis (Hom)Bushmaster Snake - Hypertension. Flushes of heat, rushes of blood to head. Vein inflammation. Coldness of leg, hands, feet. Red or blue swollen skin. Liver spots. Limbs fall asleep. Suffocative pressure in heart. Irregular heart; fears it will stop at night. Trembling. Bruising. In varicose veins: sensitive, swollen, engorged, inflamed or ulcerated veins. Netowrk of veins in skin or face; knotted veins behind knee, in the leg, foot, arms. Phlebitis. Hard, ropy veins. Intense, talkative, suspicious, vivacious. Worse: before menses, after sleep, heat, alcohol, left side.

Malva Sylvestris (F) Mallow - A good tonic for the entire endocrine system, also strengthens the circulatory system. Most diseases associated with the aging process including varicose veins, senility caused by hardening of the arteries, and certain forms of heart disease, particularly deterioration of the cellular structure of the heart. Eases hemmorrhoids.

Nux vomica (Hom)Poison Nut - Sensitive, inflamed piles. Burning, stitching pain. Bright red blood. Excess use of coffee, alcohol, drugs. Irritable and critical. Sedentary. Chronic constipation, with ineffective urging. Worse: night, pregnancy.

Paeonia (Hom)Peony - Burning, itching hemorrhoids. Burning after stool, but chilly internally. Excrutiating pain after stool. Fissures, ulcerations, fistula; oozing of offensive moisture, crusts. Worse: touch (after wiping stool), night, motion.

Plumbum acet (Hom)Lead - Arteriosclerosis, organic heart disease. Pressure in chest with difficult breathing, shooting pains. Palpitation, anxiety in chest, sighing, trembling. Muscle atrophy, paralysis. Abdominal cramps and colic, constipation. Silent depression. Slow, apathetic, memory loss. Paranoia, dementia. Chronic kidney disease. Worse: night, exertion, company, touch, open air.

Ratanhia (Hom)Krameria - Cutting, prolonged, aching hemorrhoids, burning like fire after stool. Like broken glass. Rectal fissues, itching, constriction. Constipation; straining, hard stools. Worse: night, heat, touch, exertion. Better: cold bathing.

Ruby (G) - Ruby is primarliy conneted with the heart chakra, the physical heart, and the heart on the cellular level, especially stimulating tissue regeneration and mitosis in this area. Heart and circulatory diseases can be treated with the gem essence. Ruby eases disorientation, brings individuals from a state of procrastination to a state of stability and confidence, and the person becomes more balanced.

Secale (Hom)Ergot - Sluggish circulation, distended veins, blood clots. Inflamed arteries. Burning hot internally but icy cold to touch. Numbness. Purplish spots, skin ulcers, withered skin, flabby muscles, scrawny. Gangrene of toes due to lack of blood supply; in diabetes or old age. Worse: heat from covers. Better: cold.

Sequoia Sempervirens (F) Redwood - Redwood strengthens the pituitary gland, skin, circulatory system and red corpuscles. It increaes longevity, tones the entire endocrine system, and increases the circulatory system's elasticity. Alleviates, anemia, toxemiavaricose veins, hemorrhoids.

Strontium carb (Hom)- Arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure. Pulsating arteries; threatened stroke with rush of blood to head. Headaches with vertigo, nausea. Heart feels smothered, like a load on the chest. Flushes of heat. Hypertension with flushed face, expansive headache. Strong sense of social responsibility. Depression, guilt, sudden anger. Worse: cold, evening, night, walking, stooping. Better: heat, hot bathing.

Sulphur (Hom)- Chronic hemorrhoids; burning, itching, stitching pain. Oozes moisture. Prolapse. Swollen, red anus. Frequent, ineffective urging. Diarrhea in a.m.. Worse: standing, a.m., night, beer, heat, touch, menopause, after stool.

Tabacum (Hom)Tobacco - Circulation disorders. Icy, cold legs from knees down. Cold hands with a warm body. Cramps in limbs. Tingling, trembling in limbs. Numbness of toes. Feeble extremities. Hypertension, arteriosclerosis of coronary arteries. Limbs fall asleep. Despondent, indifferent. Mental fatigue, silly talk. Fears persecution. Worse: eveing, heat and cold. Better: uncovering, open air, least motion.

Vanadium (Hom) The Metal - Arteriosclerosis, hypertension. Pressure in chest with anxiety, heart feels compressed, grasped, as if to full of blood, bursting. Extreme weakness. Fatty degeneration of heart, liver, arteries. Heart disease from diabetes, arthritis, TB. High personal standards. Eating disorders.

Veratrum album (Hom)White Hellebore - Circulation disorders. Chilliness and icy cold hands, feet, with blueness of skin. Feeling of ice water or heat and burning in the blood vessels. Cold sweats. Raynaud’s disease. Cramps in legs and calves, and feet. Heaviness of limbs. Numbness of flesh. Phlebitis. Tingling, falling asleep. Craves sour fruit, salt, cold drinks. Worse: standing, sitting. Better: letting the limb hang down, walking.

Veratrum viride (Hom)White American Hellebore - Hypertension with congestive headache, vertigo. Full, throbbing arteries. Burning pains, spasms, twitching. Effects of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. Sudden, violent symptoms. Arrogant, suspicious, guilty. Insomnia. Worse: rising up, heat, sun, cold water. Better: lying with head low.

Viscum album (Hom)Mistletoe - Hypertension, enlarged heart, weal valves, angina. Vertigo, buzzing. Chest feels heavy, squeezed, oppressed. Palpitations, irregular heart. Short of breath, worse lying on left. Double vision. Top of head feels as if lifted off. Worse: winter, cold, storms, in bed, motion, during sex.

Zanthoxylum americanum (H) Prickly Ash Bark - For any sign of poor cirulation such as hemorrhoids, cramps in the legs, varicose veins and varicose ulcers due to its stimulating effect on the lymphatic system, circulation and mucous membranes.

Zingiber officinale (H) Ginger - Used as a stimulant in cases of poor circulation, hemorrhoids and cramps. Infusion, decoction or tincture.X