fatigue / exhaustion, obesity, thyroid disorders

(Hom) Homeopathic Remedy (F) Flower Essence (G) Gem Essence

Thyroid issues are related to the fifth chakra and have much to do with personal drive, ambition and expression or the suppression of these factors.

Hyperthyroidism is an overactive thyroid; one cannot rest due to too much drive to get things done. Hypothyroidism is an underactive thyroid; one cannot keep up with own self care and external life.

Arsenicum (Hom)- Fatigue / exhaustion, weakness, restlessness, anxiety combined. Problems recur regularly. Sudden episodes of exhaustion, triggered by least physical exertion. Chilly, weight loss, foul breath and excretions (toxicity), burning pains. Fear of disease, of death, insecurity, dependency. Fastidious, stingy. Worse: suppressed skin eruptions, cold, midnight, alcohol. Better: heat.

Calc carb (Hom) Oyster Shell - Low vitality, exhaustion. Listless, sluggish, sleepy, inert, indifferent. Causes: exhausting diseases, surgery, blood or fluid loss, toxicity. Cold, clammy skin, cold breath. Craves fresh air. Sluggish circulation. Gas, bloating. Blue complexion. Excess fats, alcohol. Desires coffee. Worse: humidity, tight clothes, fats, milk, excess heat. Better: belching.

In obesity: dull, sluggish, flabby, overweight. Tendency to obesity on the young. Fair hair, chalky skin. Sweats profusely (head, hands, feet); night sweats. Sour diarrhea, sour sweat. Weak bones, curvatures, arthritis, soft nails. Overeating. Slow development in children: flabby, late walking, talking. Distended abdomen, swollen glands. Worse: a.m., cold, damp, milk.

Capsicum (Hom) Cayenne Pepper - Obese, averse to any exercise. Easily exhausted. Awkward, clumsy. Lazy. Averse to thinking, to work. Round face. Red cheeks, nose, eyes. Jovial, joking, yet easily angered, contradictory. Eats greedily, alcoholism. Homesickness, nostalgia. Fear of reprimands, startled easily. Burning pain. Worse: cold, open air, drafts, damp, bathing. Better: warmth, eating.

Ferrum iod (hom) Iron iodide - Hyperthyroid, hard goiter and glands, especially after stopped menses, or with amenorrhea, uterine displacement. Enlarged, hardened glands. Pulsations and rushes of blood. Weight loss, anemia. Pale or red face. Hurried, anxious, very restless, irritable; vivid dreams, things seem small. Worse: night, lying in bed, exertion, heat, touch. Better: open air.

Fucus (Hom) Sea Kelp - Cold, sluggish people with cold, clammy skin. Loose, flabby rolls of fat, pendulous belly. Skin of legs and thighs soft, flabby. Tones the muscles. Causes weight loss from area with most fat; lighter more active feeling. Goiter in obese people. Swollen glands, arteriosclerosis. Headaches like an iron ring. Indigestion, flatulence, constipation, scanty menses.

Fucus vesiculosus (H) Bladderwrack - Also called kelp, is useful in the treatment of under active thyroid glands and goiter. When obesity is associated with thyroid troubles this herb may be helpful in reducing excess weight. Taken in tablet form or as an infusion.

Gelsemium (Hom) Yellow Jasmine - Mental, emotional and physical weakness. Paralysis of the will, gives up. Causes: fear, anticipation of ordeals or performance, after any virus. Dull, drowsy, dizzy, trembling, heavy limbs, muscular weakness. Poor coordination. Heavy eyelids, dim vision, dull headache, sore eyes. Worse: hot, humid, if disturbed. Better: quiet, profuse urination, alcohol.

Graphites (Hom) Obesity. Eczema with cracking, fissuring, oozing. Corrugated nails. Aversion to meats, sweets, salt. Nibbling all the time, worse when hungry. Chilly. Easily exhausted, constipation. Delayed or scanty menses. Down to earth, simple type. Dullness. Anticipation anxiety, easily upset. Worse: cold, drafts, warm room, sad music. Better: open air, hot milk.

Iodum (Hom) Iodine - Hyperthyroid, goiter, protrusion of the eyeballs. Emaciation, through strong appetite. Atrophy of many glands; lymph nodes, breasts, testes, ovaries, thymus. Palpitations and pulsations in various areas. Very hot, craves open air. Restless, excitable, angry and impulsive. Hurried, impatient, talkative. Worse: warm room, heat. Better: eating, cold, violent exertion, if busy.

Kali carb (Hom) Potassium carbonate - Obesity in the aged. Exhaustion, water retention, lax ligaments, anemia. Indigestion, fullness after eating. Sensitive to milk, craves sweets. Feels exhausted, perspires easily. Puffy eyes. Weak heart. Backache. Strong sense of duty, morality and fear of losing control. Possessive. Worse: cold 2-4 a.m., least touch, drafts, before menstruation.

Kali Phos (Hom) Potassium phosphate - Nervous exhaustion, sensitive, weak, easy fatigue from slightest effort. Causes: stress, overwork, worry, over excitement, exhausting illness. Muscular weakness, low grade fever. Sweats easily with excitement. Chilly. Putrid yellow discharges. Shy, blushing, desires solitude, averse to talk. Irritability; cruelty towards family. Sudden outbursts; speechless with anger.

Lachesis (Hom) Bushmaster Snake - Rushes of blood, hot flashes, palpitations, hypertension. Easy bleeding. Hyperthyroid, thyroiditis, goiter. Constricted throat, difficult swallowing. Can't tolerate touch of collar or necklace. Warm blooded. Toxic feeling. Intense, talkative. Suspicion, jealousy, broken heart. High sex drive. Worse: after sleep, heat, sun, left side, pressure, alcohol, menopause.

Lycopus (Hom) Bugle weed - Hyperthyroid, enlargement, protruding eyeballs; associated heart, lung troubles. Violent, rapid palpitations. Heart pain, easy bleeding, hemorrhoids. Constricted chest, short of breath. Choking when lying down. Averse to smell of food. Nervous, hurried, trembling, weak; mind constantly wanders. Insomnia. Worse: motion, exertion, heat, after sleep, towards sunset, at menopause.

Nat mur (Hom) Sodium chloride - Hyperthyroid, thyroiditis, goiter, protruding eyeballs. Great weakness, exhaustion. Dry skin, mouth, but oily face. Weight loss. Few heart symptoms. Frequent migraines with light flashes, palpitations, fluttering of heart. Grief, loss, suppressed emotions. Seeks solitude, avoids consolation. Worse: heat, sun, 9-11 a.m., mental work. Better: cool, open air, fasting.

Phos acid (Hom) Phosphorus acidum - Fatigue / exhaustion in mild, sensitive people who are overwhelmed by events, illness, grief or loss, over study, overwork, growth spurts, blood or fluid loss, anesthetics. Indifferent to everything, apathy, listless. Quiet, answers in single words. Weak. Difficult thinking, understanding. Word hunting, poor memory. Chilly, sweats easily. Craves fruits or refreshing foods. Better: naps.

Picric acid (Hom) Picricum acidum - Nervous exhaustion. Indifference, aversion to talk, think, or do anything. Causes: mental strain, exams, anxiety, grief, depression, anemia. Insomnia. Weakness, heaviness or burning along spine, limbs. Sallow face. Headaches with dilated pupils from slight motion or mental exertion. Worse: mental or physical exertion, heat and cold. Better: cold water.

Spongia tosta (Hom) Roasted sponge - Swollen, hardened thyroid, protruding eyeballs, sticking pain, tension on motion. Palpitations with anxiety, faintness, suffocative attacks around midnight. Stitching pains, constricted chest, asthma with goiter. Barking cough. Hot flushes. Swelling of testes. Fearful, anxious, despair. Averse to work. Pain on touch, pressure. Worse: after first sleep, before or during menses.

Thuja (Hom) Arbor vitae - Obese; soft, flabby tissues. Warts, tumors, polyps, moles. Pale, oily face. Sweetish or musty perspiration, rigid nails. Uterine problems, fibroids. Foggy, mistakes words. Allergies and chronic fishy mucus discharges. Worse: damp, cold, 3 a.m., onions, tea. Better: warmth, during discharges.