Musculoskeletal System

Musculoskeletal System
acute arthritis, chronic arthritis, low back pain, sciatica

(F) Flower Essence, (G) Gem Essence, (H) Herb, (Hom) Homeopathic Remedy

Aesculus (Hom) Horse CHestnut - Low back, sacrum, sacroiliac pain. Stiff and weak back that “gives out”. Dull, aching, constant pain. Radiates along nerves. Legs feel heavy. Worse: motion. Walking, standing, stooping, rising up, lying. Better: heat.

Ammon mur (Hom) Sal ammoniac - Chronic sciatica with shooting and tearing into tips of toes. Heel pain. Vise-like back ache with contraction of hamstrings, shortened muscles. Worse: sitting, walking erect, at night, in bed, left side, motion or rest. Better: lying, rubbing, warm bath, walking stooped, limbering up.

Apis (Hom) Honey Bee - Acute arthritis with stinging, burning, wandering pains. Affinity to the knees, shoulders. Great swelling around joints. Rosy red or waxy, transparent looking. Awkward, drops things. Busy, restless, nervous. Jealous and irritable. Worse: heat, touch, pressure. Better: cold applications, sitting upright.

Arsenicum (Hom) - Attacks of burning pain, like hot needles. Pain in toes. Aching heels. Boiling sensations. Restless, weak, exhausted. Sciatica from the cold. Anxiety, fear of death. Chilliness. Worse: right side, midnight, after exertion, damp, cold. Better: warmth

Bambusa arundinacea (Hom) - 

Belladonna (Hom) Deadly Nightshade - Acute arthritis with sudden, intense onset; red, hot, throbbing, swollen, tender joint area. Accompanied by headaches, eye inflammation, fever, throbbing pulse. Pains may be burning, with cramps and spasms. Anxious, restless. Worse: motion, touch, jarring, night, after getting chilled. Better: rest.

Berberis vulargis (Hom) Barberry - Low back pain with stitching pain that radiates to hips, front of thighs, up or down; changeable. Weak, lame legs, numb, and stiff. Pain in balls of feet, tender kidneys. Worse: motion, jarring, rising up, standing, lying, sitting a.m., fatigue.

Bryonia (Hom) Wild Hops - Acute arthritis with stitching pain. Joints hot, red, swollen, or may be pale red, shiny. Irritable, seeks solitude. Worries about business, finances, future. Pain worse from the slightest motion; stretching, walking, turning etc. Worse: morning, touch, jarring. Better: rest, localized heat. Pressure.

Calc carb (Hom) Oyster Shell - Chronic arthritis. Rheumatism from recurrent strains, damp, wear and tear, old injuries. Stiffness, weak, lame joints, contractions. Painful nods in joints. Weak, no stamina; flabby muscles and lax ligaments. Sensitive to damp. Chilliness. Sour perspiration. Responsible, insecure, many anxieties. Worse: motion, exertion, cold, damp. Better: warmth, rubbing, lying.

Calc fluor (Hom) Fluoride of Lime - Chronic arthritis with hard nodules, bony overgrowth, at sites of sprains. Stiffness, restlessness. Weak, overstretched ligaments and joints. Cracking, creaking joints. Fear of poverty. Unstable, makes mistakes. Worse: 1st motion, cold, damp, rest. Better: limbering, warmth, rubbing.

Causticum (Hom) - Chronic arthritis with stiffness, contraction, deformity; partially fused joints. Need to stretch. Restless. Weak, atrophied muscles. Numbness, cramps, twitches. Chilly. Effects of burns, scars. Chronic suffering. Sensitive to injustice. Worse: cold, dry wind, lying, motion, night. Better: warmth, damp weather.

Chamomilla (Hom) Matricaria recutita - Sciatica with extremely intense, tearing pains from buttocks to heel with numbness. Pain drives one out of bed at night. Burning of feet. Weak, heavy limbs. Spasms, cramps in calves, hot sweats. Restless legs, stiffness. Irritable. Worse: warmth, night, lying on painless side, after stretching, after anger. Colocynthis - Acute phase of sciatica with neuralgic, shooting pain, radiating to the knee, heel. Intense, vice-like cramps and intense spasms. Forced to limp. Tingling. Worse: motion, cold, damp, night, from anger. No position relieves. Better: heat, pressure, bending the leg, lying on the painful side.

Dulcamara (Hom) Bittersweet - Acute arthritis strongly affected by cold and damp conditions, wet weather, cellars, air conditioning, warm turning cold or dry to damp. Stiffness, pain and rheumatism, more in the muscles. Hives and eczema. Worse: cold, damp weather, rest, night. Better: motion, pressure, warmth.

Gnaphalium (Hom)Cud Weed - After sciatic pain there is intense numbness with tingling, crawling. Intense cutting, shooting pains along the whole length of the nerve. Cramps in calves. Neuralgia of front of the leg. Joints feel dry and creaky. Worse: motion, stepping, cold, damp. Beter: sitting, drawing legs up.

Guaiacum (Hom) Resin of Lignum vitae - Chronic arthritis with contraction, shortening of tendons; joint stiffness and deformity. Affinity to wrist, knee, limbs, spine. Burning, tearing pain. Weakness, muscle atrophy. Hateful, critical, weak memory, Chilly. Offensive sweats. Worse: motion, heat. Better: cold compresses, stretching, yawning.

Kalmia Latifolia (Hom) Mountain Laurel - Acute arthritis with sharp, sticking pains which shoot downward, come and go gradually. Migratory arthritis; from joint to joint, upper to lower or alternating. Hot, red, swollen, tender joints. Numbness, crawling before or after pain. Worse: motion, cold, left side, night, open air. Better: warmth, rest.

Ledum (Hom) Marsh Tea - Arthritis, gout, rheumatism that travels upwards, joint to joint. Small joints, elbows, hips, knees, ankles, feet. Upper left and lower right. Bony nodules, cracking. Stiff, swollen, hot OR swollen, cold, pale joints. Heat in limbs, yet worse from hot bed. Gout of large toe. Avoids people. Worse: touch, motion, warmth, pressure, night. Better: cold compresses.

Lilac (F) - Influences the spinal column. Eases paralysis associated with a pinched nerve to the spinal column, and it disperses solidification of the vertebrae that occurs in many diseases. Lilac also corrects the posture and brings flexibility to the spine.

Nat mur (Hom) Chloride of sodium - Low back pain with bruised feeling. Weak, numb, lame, as if paralyzed or broken. Sensitive spine. Stiffness, cramping, cracking joints. Stoic depression. Worse: stooping, sitting, rising up. Better: lying on hard surface, open air.

Nux vomica (Hom) Poison Nut - Low back pain with bruised, stitching pain that drives one out of bed at 4 a.m. Must sit up to turn over. Irritable, stressed, driven. Muscle spasm. Heavy, numb pain. Lameness. Worse: motion, cold, touch, a.m. Better: warmth, pressure, short nap.

Phytolacca (Hom) Poke Root - Chronic arthritis with soreness all over. Shooting, shock-like electric pains. Exhausted, restless. Changeable areas and pains. Swollen, hot, red, joints. Stiffness everywhere. Restless, yet worse from motion. Indifference, loss of shame. Worse: motion sore throat with splinter-like pains, Damp, cold, night, pressure. Better: warmth, dry, rest.

Pulsatilla (Hom) Wind Flower - Acute arthritis with changeable pain and location of inflammation. Pains appear suddenly, leave gradually or with a sudden snap. Large joints affected (hip etc.) Mild, shy, emotional, sensitive. Depressed and weepy. Worse: first motion, heat, evening. Better: gentle motion, cold compresses, open air.

Rhus tox (Hom) Poison Ivy - Rheumatoid arthritis after exposure to damp climates, many strains, overexertion, getting chilled when overheated. Inflamed, red, hot, cracking joints. Stiffness and pain after resting, better from limbering and getting warm. Tearing, drawing, burning pains, heavy limbs, weakness. Restlessness. Worse: cold, damp, midnight. Better: stretching, wrapping up, rubbing. Sciatica with intense attacks of burning, tearing pain. Onset after strain, overuse. Pain down back of thighs. Legs feel dead, wooden, stiff. Cramps in legs, Worse: initial motion, after rest, cold, damp, night, overexertion. Better: heat, rubbing, continued motion, stretching.

Ruta Graveolens (Hom) Rue — Low back pain with strained ligaments, damaged joints. Bruised, aching, beaten pain. Weak back, great weariness. Restlessness. Anxiety, phobias, dissatisfied. Worse: first motion, touch, stooping, sitting, turning, bending, stepping hard, cold, damp. Better: continued motion, lying on back, pressure.

Sepia (Hom) Cuttlefish Ink - Low back pain with dull pain that radiates to the sacrum, pelvis, legs. Everything settles in back. Sudden stitches, like a hammer. Exhausted, tired, weak back. Sad, weepy, indifferent, wants solitude. Back pain in pregnancy, menses. Worse: sitting, motion, cold, damp, evening. Better: pressure, lying.