alcohol, drug, heavy metal, tobacco, vaccination

(F) Flower Essence (G) Gem Essence (H) Herb (Hom) Homeopathic Remedy

Agaricus (Hom) Toad Stool - Acute alcoholism; antidotes hangover. Wild rage, but final indifference. Delirium with incoherent talk, raving, manic states, making rhymes. Alcoholic headache. Trembling, twitching, jerking, unsteady walk, motions. Sensations of ice-cold needles, burning or tingling. Sensitive spine. Worse: cold, intercourse, eating, touch, menses, pressure.

Angelica (F) Angelica archangelica - This essence actualizes clearer insight into the cause and nature of problems, but it does not create solution. For example, it helps an alcoholic understand the nature of his of her problem. Ant tart (Hom) Tarter emetic - Ill effects of vaccination when Thuja fails and Silicea is not indicated. Bronchitis after vaccine with loose rattling cough. Short of breath, pale. Great drowsiness and weakness, frequent yawning. Profuse sweats. Diarrhea, abscess, rashes or convulsions after vaccinations (smallpox). Fear of being alone. Fretfulness, whining and crying. Irritable mood.

Arsenicum (Hom)- Chronic and acute effects of alcohol. Chilly, but burning pains. Pale, emaciated with puffiness. Foul, acrid, scanty discharges. Short of breath. Constant thirst for cold sips. Extreme anxious restlessness, though very weak. Nervous, fearful, guilt-ridden. Fears death, feels incurable. Miserly. In drug detox overall toxicity, resulting in weakness, yet very restless. Skin reactions. Perfectionist, suspicious, vindictive. In vaccinations antidotes toxicity, septic Conditions and poisonous effects of vaccines. Dry, scaly, itching eruptions. Abscess or ulcer at site of vaccine. All worse: night, when alone, cold, damp.

Avena sativa (Hom) Oats - Drug addiction: morphine, heroin, opium, cocaine, marijuana, tranquilizers, sedatives, alcohol, coffee, tobacco, anti-depressants, Prozac. Chronic insomnia. Impotency, amenorrhea, palpitations, headache. Nervous exhaustion, fatigue, sexual weakness. Poor concentration. Effects of anxiety, worry, over study. Headache at the base of the brain.

Avena sativa (H) Oatstraw - For nervous debility and exhaustion when associated with depression. Strenthens the nervous system. Oatmeal, tincture, bath or in combination with other herbs as tea.

Caladium (Hom) American Arum - Causes aversion to tobacco. For effects of tobacco on the heart. Asthma. Headache, vertigo, nausea. Worse from motion. Sensitive to noise. Higher or lower sex drive; impotency, lack of erection. Itching genitals. Depression. Fear of disease, nervous, nervous, restless. Excessively bold. Forgetful.

Carbo veg (Hom) Vegetable charcoal - Antidotes drugs, anesthetics, smoke, air pollution. Poor recovery from illness or treatment. Oxygen starvation, air hunger, needs fanning. Gas, belching, bloating. Stagnant circulation. Varicose veins, hemorrhoids. Total exhaustion, weakness, low vitality, faintness. Icy cold hands, feet.

Clay (G) - Clay draws out and release toxicity from the cellular level of the body. The solar plexus chakra is opened and the etheric and emotional levels are aligned. Anxiety is removed, especially the kind that produces ulcers and resentment. Stimulates the natural flora in the intestinal tract.

Ignatia (Hom) St. Ignatius bean - Causes aversion to tobacco smoke. Spasms, twitches, tics. Faintness. Headache in small spots. Changeable, rapidly altering symptoms. Chilly. Sensitive, idealist. Suppressed grief, fear, anger, shock. Changeable moods. Bitter taste, toothache, yawning, choking, lump in throat. Worse: touch.

Lachesis (Hom) Bushmaster snake - Chronic alcoholism . Dusky complexion, choking sensation around the neck. Red nose. Easy bleeding, nosebleed, bruising. Cold legs and feet. Alcoholic diarrhea, nausea, indigestion. Trembling, cramps, hot flashes. Jesting and incessant, wandering talk. Hurried, impatient, suspicious. Worse: morning, after sleep, heat, light, touch, pressure. Better: open air.

Lathyrus (Hom) Chickpea - Most effective remedy for antidoting toxic effects of polio vaccine. Back pain, spasms in legs or increased reflexes. Rigid legs, spastic gait. Stiffness, or paralysis. Emaciation of lower limbs. Cramps and cold feet. Worse: touch, cold and damp, wind, motion. Better: lying down.

Lobelia (Hom) Indian tobacco - Creates aversion to smoking. Asthma, emphysema: constricted, rattling chest. Weak stomach, indigestion, intense nausea, vomiting. Much saliva. Dull, heavy head, vertigo. Cold sweats, great weakness. Prickling feelings. Hypochondriac. Fear leads to shortness of breath, hyperventilation. Worse: cold water, p.m., after sleep, exertion. Better: warmth, evening.

Magnesium (G) - Detoxification on the anatomical and cellular level. The etheric body is more aligned with the physical to enhance detoxification, feminine qualities are stimulated. Better assimilation of proteins and enzymes used in detoxification. Opens solar plexus chakra. Weak, sensitive, and anxious women tend to need this remedy.

Morning Glory (F) Ipomoea Purpuea - A good tonic for the entire nervous system, particularly the sympathetic nervous system. Helps in breaking nervous habits such as smoking, nervous irritability, grinding of the teeth, jitteriness exemplified by talking too much or restlessness at night to the point of insomnia.

Nux vomica (Hom) Poison nut - antidotes the effects of alcohol, removes hangover. Delirium tremens. Nervous, weak: twitching and trembling. Cramps, spasms, tension. Overeating, abuse of drugs, coffee. Constipation, unrefreshed sleep. Weak, unsteady. Irritable, critical, argumentative, driven, demanding. General antidote to all drugs. Overuse of medical drugs, antidepressants, alcohol. Highly sensitive to sound, light, odors, touch, Faintness. Ineffective urge to vomit, to stool. Congested liver. Angry, tense, ambitious, perfectionist. Burn-out. Worse: cold, drafts, open air, waking. Better: warm drinks.

Plantago (Hom) Plantain - Creates aversion to tobacco (especially chewing) Stinging in small spots. Earache, toothache, facial neuralgia. Pain into eyes. Noise sensitive. Depression and insomnia from tobacco; restless, hurried and irritable. Bed Wetting. Worse: a.m., warm room, resting, touch. Better: Moving.

Pulsatilla (Hom) Windflower- Specific antidote to antibiotics. For frequent ear infections, tendency toward thick yellow discharges. Weepy, passive. Suppressed menses. Greasy taste, heartburn, sour belching. Intolerant of fats. Thirstless. Worse: warmth, fats, evening, before menses, eating. Better: open air.

Quercus (Hom) distilled from tincture of acorn kernals - Diminishes alcohol craving, antidotes effects. Enlarged spleen and liver, flatulence. Vertigo, deafness, noises in head. Constriction in chest. Nervous, tearful, depressed. Fear of stoke. Flushed face, fevers. Swollen abdomen. Diarrhea may appear during treatment as a curative effect.

Silicea (Hom) Pure Flint - After vaccination: abscess, ulcerations, convulsions, diarrhea, fever, backache, nausea, frequent, otitis or any other chronic illness, especially lungs. Sensitive to cold, drafts. Frequent colds. Perspiring about the head. Sensitive to noise and pain. Lack of confidence. Lack of emotional independence.

Staphysagria (Hom) Stavesacre - Addictive tendency: tobacco, food, alcohol, TV, sex, relationships, etc. Hungry, craves sweets, milk, bread. Sexual obsessions, masturbation. Tobacco causes cough, heartburn, angina. Frequent cystitis. Itchy skin. Suppressed anger and rage, effects of abuse, humiliation. Oversensitive. Tobacco tastes acrid, sour. Worse: touch, cold, naps. Better: warmth

Stramonium (Hom) Thorn apple - Encephalitis or meningitis after vaccination or resulting in neurological disorder, convulsions, tics, delirium. Fear of dark. Stammering. Raging anger, or may become dull, lethargic. Attention deficit or hyperactivity with post vaccinial onset.

Sulph acid (Hom)- Chronic alcoholism. Internal trembling and exhaustion. Sour sweat. Burning, acid reflux, a.m. vomiting in alcoholics, Chilly, but hot flashes. Bruising and easy bleeding. Weight loss. Sensitive to smoke, smog, etc. Nervous, always hurried, impatient. Weepy, alternately serious and silly. Worse: cold, open air, smell of coffee. Better: warmth, rest, hot drinks.

Sulphur (Hom)- Clearing of drug residues, including antibiotics, that block healing. Drug eruptions or allergies. Antidotes negative effects of suppressing skin diseases, fevers, or infections with ointments, antibiotics, etc. Lean or heavy, but malnourished. Sloppy, unkempt, unmotivated. Chilly, but burning pains. Worse: heat, sitting, 11 a.m., bathing, night. Sulphur has wide ranging effects on metals, helping the body clear them from deep tissues, lymphatic, the liver, etc. It can be used in any case of metal poisoning. Sulphur relates to fatigue, skin eruptions and poor healing.

Tabacum (Hom) Tobacco - Nausea, vomiting with cold sweats, faintness. Motion sickness. Urgent, watery diarrhea. Vertigo, paleness, icy cold. Angina and palpitations. Sexual weakness. Much sweating, spitting. Worse: least motion, heat. Better: cold, fresh air.

Thuja (Hom) Arbor vitae, Tree of Life - Illness commencing with vaccination or generally unwell since then. Conditions include restlessness, insomnia, loss of speech, migraine, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, asthma, brain damage, neuralgia, atrophy of arm, ulcers of tongue, coughs, ear infections with discharge. Warts. Child can’t stop crying. Feels frail, unlovable, ugly. Self contempt. Oily skin, sweetish perspiration. Worse: 3 a.m., 3 p.m., damp and cold.

Pennyroyal (F) Hedeoma pulegioides - A repellent of thought forms, especially negative ones. Thought forms are semi-materialized ethereal forms or shapes the mind builds. The etheric body is strengthened to such a degree that negative thought forms cannot enter the physical body or psyche.

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