Nervous System

Nervous System
headaches, insomnia, neuralgia, memory loss, mental fatigue

(F) Flower essence (G) Gem Essence (Hom) Homeopathic Remedy

Aconitum (Hom) Monkshood - Neuralgia with sudden, violent pain, shooting, tearing, burning. Tingling, numb, heavy. Neuralgia after colds, drafts, chilling, frights, surgery, injuries, suppressed discharges or sweat. Hot, dry skin, thirst. Restless, anxious, fear of death. Worse: night, touch, noise, motion, right side. Better: stillness, open air.

Anacardium (Hom) Marking Nut - Memory loss; forgets names, people, events, things seen or read. Senility: confused, absent-minded, weak senses, dream-like states. Cruel, malicious and abusive, cursing. Suspicious. Fears insanity. Loss of confidence, attempts to prove oneself. Eventually apathetic. Indecisive. Feels like two wills warring inside - one good, one evil.

Arg Nit (Hom) Silver nitrate – Chronic headaches. Headache from over study, eyestrain, sugar, exertion, stomach upsets. Headache one-sided or frontal. Band or vice-like with digging, stabbing pain. Head feels heavy and expanded, hollow. Dizziness, dullness. Belching. Trembling. Fears of failure, crowds, heights, anticipation. Impulsive, obsessive. Worse: warmth, on waking, mental work. Better: hard pressure, open air.

Arsenicum (Hom)- Neuralgia with tearing pains, burning like fire. Twitching, trembling, spasms oflims. Anxiety, extreme restlessness, great weakness, chilliness. Exhaustion. Neuralgia of face, teeth, arms or legs, hip, left side. Worse: night 1-2 a.m., cold, damp, exertion, rest, touch. Better: applied heat, gentle motion.

Avena sativa (Hom) Oats - Mental fatigue, nervous and mental exhaustion after illness, overwork or study, worry or anxiety, drug use, alcoholism, narcotics, effects of sexual excess. Poor concentration, can't keep mind focused on any one subject. Insomnia. Tremors, palpitation. Promotes mental clarity, focus, memory.

Baryta (Hom) Barium carbonate - Loss of memory; forgets what one is about to do or say, names, things learned, events. Confused, disoriented, irresolute, loss of confidence. Shy, avoids strangers. Feels laughed at, watched, talked about, foolish. Childishness. Senility. Slow thougt/action. Feels more secure at home. Delayed development in children. Chilliness and enlarged glands.

Belladonna (Hom) Deadly Nightshade - Acute headache with sudden, intense, violent onset. Sinus headaches, migraines, sun headaches, after injury, from getting the head chilled. With nosebleeds. Throbbing, stabbing pains. Restless with flushed face and bloodshot eyes. Violent, rageful, or very fearful, wants to escape. Delirious with pain. Worse from motion, light or noise. Better: lying in the dark.

Bryonia (Hom) White Bryony - Acute headaches. Headache in the morning on first movement. Headache from stress, constipation, anger, coffee. Bursting or stitching pain, pressing out, crushing weight on the side and front of head. Irritable and worried about business. Thirsty with dry mouth, hot head. Worse: slightest motion of eyes or head, stooping, touch. Better: pressure, stillness, closing eyes, heat to the head, fresh air.

Chamomilla (Hom)Matricaria recuita - Insomnia from pain, from drugs, teething, anger, colic, menstrual cramps. Talking in sleep, sleepless till 2 a.m.. Drowsy by day, sleepless at night. Irritable, edgy, quarrelsome, demanding, but refuses what is offered.

Cimicifuga (Hom) Black Cohosh - Neuralgia with radiating or electric-shock pains, intense aching. Neuralgia of heart, uterus, face, eyes, ribs, sciatic nerve etc. Depressed, anxious, talkative. Spasms of large muscles; stiff, contracted, heavy limbs, jerking. Restless. Worse: night, cold, damp, drafts, motion. Better: wrapping warmly, rest.

Cocculus (Hom) Indian Cockle – Chronic headaches. Headache from loss of sleep, mental or emotional strain, injury, while traveling. Occipital headache with weak muscles, heavy head, as if in a daze. Vomiting, trembling, numbness. Heads feels empty, separate from body. Feelings of guilt, worry for others. Upset by other’s rudeness. Talkative. Worse: talking, motion, noise, light, during menses. Better: warmth.

In Mental fatigue: from long nursing of the sick, sleep loss, worries, physical exertion, excess tea, travel, disappointment. Sadness. Anger if interrupted. Slowed down thinking, moving; time passes too quickly. Weak, numb. Easily distracted; dwells on unpleasant past. Feels abused.

Colocynthis (Hom) Bitter Cucumber - Neuralgia with sharp, shooting, lightening pains or vice-like cramping pains, in waves. Pain followed by numbness, associated with spasm. Tender to touch. Restless but tries to control it. Pain causes anger, irritability, faintness. Neuralgia of abdomen, limbs, face, teeth, ovary, uterus, kidney etc. Worse: motion, touch, anger. Better: hard pressure, heat, bending double.

Conium (Hom) Poison Hemlock - Memory loss with gradual, almost unnoticed shutting down, mentally and emotionally. Weakening of memory; forgets dates, places, words. Mistakes in time, calculation, writing, speech. Poor comprehension and concentration. Introverted and withdrawn. Fear of being alone, but dislikes company. Depression and indifference. Vertigo. Bad effects of celibacy or old age.

Coffea cruda (Hom) Unroasted coffee - Insomnia from mind activity, excitement, fright, fatigue, long journeys, menopause, after pregnancy, wine, broken heart or overenthusiasm. Nervous, restless, oversensitive to pain, touch, sight, least noise, odors. Full of ideas. Sleepless before or after midnight. No sleep after 3 a.m. Impossible to close eyes. Sense of internal warmth, but worse open air.

Gelsemium (Hom) Yellow Jasmine - Acute Headaches. Headache begins with blurring vision, dizziness, light-headed, hot face and chills. Dull, heavy in the occiput, spreads forward, or tight band around head. Physical and mental lethargy, dullness, weakness, confusion, trembling. Worse: damp, cold, sun, worrying, lying, motion.

In Insomnia: from over study, exhaustion, tobacco, excess thinking, fright or anticipation, teething, pregnancy, influenza or fevers. Mentally dull, heavy. Falls asleep while studying or after supper, then can't get to sleep. Restless, bad dreams after midnight.

Humulus lupulus (H) Hops - Relaxing effect on nervous system, used primarily for the treatment of insomnia. Eases tension and anxiety and resulting restlessness. Can be combined with Passion Flower. Do not use in cases of depression. Infusion or tincture.

Hyoscamus (Hom) Henbane - Insomnia from excitement, jealousy, anger, delirium, broken heart, menses, sexual desire, business worry, fever, cough, fright in children. Restless, twitching, starting. Suspicious, rageful, talkataive. Mischievous or foolish play. Sleepiness by day, sleeplessness from midnight till dawn. Wakes startled or with a scream. Laughs during sleep.

Ignatia (Hom) St. Ignatius Bean - Insomnia from grief, bad news, worry, depression, fright, disappointed love, jealousy, back injuries, humiliation, anger. Hysteria, weeping. Highly changeable moods. Horrid repetitive dreams. Wakes with cries. Very light, restless sleep, every sound wakes. Tremors, twitches, spasms. Frequent, intense yawning, sighing, jerking of limbs on falling asleep.

Iris versicolor (Hom) Blue Flag - Acute Headaches. Headache begins during day of rest after stress or weekend. Dim vision. Headache mainly on right side, in temple or forehead. Constriction, like a band. Nausea with acidic vomiting, saliva or diarrhea. Headache from sweets. Refined person. Gloomy and anxious about on coming headache. Worse: lying, rest, evening, Sundays, exertion. Better: gentle motion.

Kalmia (Hom) Mountain Laurel - Neuralgia with pains shooting downward, come and go suddenly, changing place if rubbed. Neuralgia of face, teeth, upper jaw, neck, shoulders, chest or heart area. Numbness, tingling before or after pain. Red, swollen, inflamed joints. Worse: cold, or chilling, excitement, late evening, motion. Better: warmth.

Lachesis (Hom) Bushmaster Snake - Chronic headaches. Headache begins in morning. Dim vision. Headache from sun, alcohol, colds, menopause, PMS. Pulsating, stabbing, pressing pain. One sided, left side. Heat on top of head. Heat and flushing, palpitations. Hormonal imbalance. Sensitive scalp. Talkative, vivacious, witty, but also suspicious, guilt-ridden, angry. Worse: after sleep, touch, sun. Better: flow of mucus or menses, lying

Lycopodium (Hom) Club Moss - Memory loss with failing brain power, slowed down, confused thought. Poor concentration. Weak memory, especially for names, dates, events, music, things about to do, for what one has just read, for the meaning of things. Spells or writes the wrongs words, omits letters. Dyslexia. Loss of confidence, fear of breaking down, of doing new things, being alone.

Mercurius (Hom) Quicksilver - Weak memory for everything, lost in familiar streets. Time distortions. Hurried speech, stammering but answers and acts slowly. Distracted. Weak will, can't make up mind. Apathetic. Compensates for instability by seeking order, conservatism. Discontent. Feels others are enemies; violent, impulsive. Guilty, lacks confidence.

Nat mur (Hom) Sodium Chloride - Chronic headaches. Headache begins with zig-zag lights and tingling. Headache from sun, warmth, sinus, emotions. Headache forehead or one sided. Hammering, throbbing, bursting, jerking pain. Dry mouth and thirst. Nausea and watery vomiting. Faint and pale. Sad, wants solitude and adverse to sympathy. Emotions held inside. Worse: heat, motion, day, suppressed grief. Better: fresh air.

Nux vomica (Hom) Poison Nut - Acute headaches. Headache from digestive upsets, alcohol, drugs, anger, sleep loss, stress. Head feels expanded with dull pressure. Faint, light-headed. Constipated. Angry, drive, critical, oversensitive. Tension, spasm, stress,. Chilly. Worse: cold, motion, touch, noise, light. Better: warm, wrapping up.

In Insomnia: From abuse of tobacco, rich food, alcohol, drugs, anger, business worry. Falls asleep in the early evening but wakes 3-4 a.m., falls into an anxious dreamy sleep at daybreak, from which it is hard to rise. Tired, weak. Highly irritable, driven, tense. Sensitive to touch, noise, light, smells.

Passiflora (Hom) Passion Flower - Insomnia from exhaustion, overwork, in infants or the aged, anxiety, stress, drug use, alcohol abuse, asthma, teething, epilepsy, night cough. Heavy stomach. Not effective if tongue is coated or face flushed.

Passiflora (H) Passion Flower - The herb of choice for treating insomnia, relaxes muscles and promotes sleep. Infusion or tincture.

Phos ac - (Hom) phosphoric acid - Mental, then physical weakness. Indifferent, apathetic, wants solitude. Confused, too tired to think, talk; stupefied. Loses ideas and thoughts. After grief, homesickness, set backs, fluid loss, broken heart, overstudy, acute illness, anemia, diabetes. Hair grays, falls out. Worse: exertion, talking. Better: short nap, warmth.

Ranunculus (Hom) Buttercup - Neuralgia with sharp, shooting, stitiching pains. Neuralgia of rib cage and chest, ovaries, sciatica. Neuralgia after shingles. Burning in small spots, chilly in chest. Muscles sore, very tender, stiff. Worse: motion, change of position, storms, cold air, damp, drafts, touch, evening, alcohol. Better: warmth.

Sanguinaria (Hom) Bloodroot - Acute headaches. Headache from sun, not eating, nasal blockage, menopause, heartburn. Bursting pain from the back of the head to the right eye. Sinking feeling. Flushing, burning, heat in head, red cheeks. Weekly headaches. Nausea and vomiting which relieves the pain but is exhausting. Worse: day, odors, noise, sun. Better: rest, dark, quiet, hard pressure.

Sepia (Hom) Cuttlefish Ink - Chronic headache. Headache during menses, menopause, from artificial light, missing meals. Headache forehead, one sided, left. Heavy head, Shock-like, jerking pains. Emptiness in stomach. Chilly, faint, always tired, constant backaches. Depressed, hopeless. Indifferent to everything. Needs to keep busy. Worse: lying, motion, menses, cold. Better: open air, rest, exertion.

In Mental fatigue: Worn out, overwhelmed, depressed and gloomy. Unable to read, speak. wants to escape from responsibilities. Apathy, averse to loved ones. Dull, confused. Misplaces words, weak memory. Nervous and restless.

Silicea (Hom) Pure Flint - Chronic headache. Headache from drafts or cold air, overexcitement, over study, after vaccination. Stitching pains, Tearing pain from neck and occiput to vertex and eye. Rushes of blood to head. Easy sweats on hands, head. Poor stamina. Timid and weakly, yet stubborn. Lack of confidence. Nervous, picky. Worse: cold, drafts, motion. Better: wrapping head warmly.

In Mental fatigue: Lack of stamina, mental or physical. Sensitive, anxious, startled by noise. Lacks courage, dreads failure; oversensitive to noise, excitement, touch, stimuli. Weak after writing, speaking. Effects of shock, fright, overwork. Lack of confidence, timid, mild, yet stubborn and irritable if aroused. Worse: cold air, drafts, damp, night, exertion, new moon. Better: warmth.

Spigelia (Hom) Pinkroot - Neuralgia with violent attacks. Stabbing pains, radiating downward or outward, very sensitive to touch. Red, watery eyes; feel enlarged. Effects of tobacco ot tea. Neuralgia of face, eye, teeth, head, heart, left side. Fear, stammering. Worse: sunrise to sunset, cold, damp, motion. Better: cold compress.

Thuja (Hom) Arbor vitea - Weak memory; wrong words, omits or can't find words, or misspells words. Slow speech, difficult to express thoughts, loses directions. Can't concentrate. Foggy, dull, vanishing thoughts. Averse to people. Time seems too short or long. Hurried, irritable. Self hatred, feels ugly. Fixations or fanatic ideas; body feels fragile, as if body and mind separated.

Valeriana officinalis (H) Valerian Root - Useful as a relaxing nervine An effective aid in insomnia producing a natural healing sleep. Can be combined with Passion Flower and Hops. Infusion or tincture. Very strong, bitter flavor.

Zincum (Hom) Zinc - Mental fatigue with muddled, weak mind, memory. Nervous excitable. Averse to work, talk. Effects of overwork, sleep loss, fright, grief, suppressed eruptions, disease. Easily startled, sensitive to noise, voices. Numb or oversensitive parts. Restless but weak. Restless leg, twitching, spasms in sleep. Trembling. Worse: noise, sweets, eating, wine, touch. Better: motion, warm, open air.