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Men's Health
impotence, prostate conditions

Prostatic hypertrophy occurs due to an accumulation of testosterone by-products in the prostate. The causes are largely dietary and nutritional and chronic bacterial infections are also commonly involved, though rarely recognized. Half of all men experience prostate problems by age 50. Natural therapeutics such as zinc, essential fatty acids and saw palmetto berries have been shown to shrink the prostate in 90% of men if used for a full year.

Impotence is a term that covers a number of male dysfunctions, including the ability to maintain erection. Apart from psychological factors, weakness in the male sexual system is the result of a complex group of factors. Poor blood flow due to diabetes, side effects from various medications, hypertension, depression, allergy medications, overuse of alcohol, tobacco or recreational drugs. Hormone imbalance related to thyroid, adrenal, or testicular is often an underlying cause of prostate problems.

The remedy that matches the symptoms experienced by an individual should be taken with a frequency that matches the intensity or seriousness of the condition. Suggested potency is 6C three times daily for several weeks, or until improvement seems to be at a standstill. Then 12C potency can be taken twice a day, followed by 30C once a day. These are general guidelines. Seeking the advice of a licensed Homeopath is to your advantage.

(Hom) Homeopathic Remedy (F) Flower Essence (G) Gem Essence

Agnus castus (H) Chaste Tree - for impotence, infertility, premature old age. After excess sexual overindulgence. Desire without power. Absent minded, poor memory. Feelings of failure, regrets past mistakes.

Banana (F) Musa paradisiaca - deals with the male and his relation to women in sexual issues and insecurities associated with male sexuality. Helps men, and to a lesser extent women, establish a truer sense of identity with their feminine nature. Helps negate male sexual machismo. Banana is a tonic for blood sugar problems such as diabetes and hypoglycemia. It helps in weight problems when sugars get assimilated improperly in the system.

Baryta carb (H) Barium carbonate - for impotence with diminished desire, absent or delayed at other times. Premature ejaculation. Loss of drive, numbness. Prostatic hypertrophy in elderly. Frequent urination and frequent urging. Dribbling of urine. Obesity. Shyness, memory loss, early aging.

Caladium (H) American Aurum - for impotence. Lascivious but no orgasm or emission during sex. Erections in sleep, not when awake. Cold genitals. Premature ejaculation. Forgetful. Fear of illness, injury and sleep. Jealous.

Chimaphila (H) Pipsissewa - for enlargement of prostate. Retention of urine. Frequent and painful urination with difficulty starting. Atrophy of testes. Chronic cystitis.

Conium (H)- Hemlock - for impotence with increased desire but decreased power. Brief erections. Loss of control. Effects of prolonged abstinence, loss of loved one, or excessive indulgence. Prostate hardened, enlarged. Prostate tumors. Chronic prostatitis. Testes hard, enlarged. Urine flow stops and starts. Pressing pains, constant urging, urinary retention. Sadness, grief. Fears to be alone, but avoids people.

Ferrum picricum (H) Picrate of iron - Prostate hypertrophy in older men. Chronic inflammation of prostate. Frequent urination and urging, especially at night. Urinary retention. Mental exhaustion. Dullness, sluggish thinking.

Ginseng(F)Panax quinquefolius - a powerful essence for creating humanness in the person creating the strongest innermost awareness of what it means to be a human being. The blending of male and female aspects takes place for the idea of spiritual oneness, in which the male and female halves of oneself are beautifully blended. This is a subtle shift that usually takes 6 months to develop. Take for two weeks daily and then 7-10 days off before beginning again.

Gypsum (G) rejuvenates the prostate gland and testicles. Creates within the individual the ability to release tension, activate higher creativity, and awaken the kundalini. Increased flexibility develops. Fears involving male sexuality are eased.

Lycopodium (H) Club Moss - chronic impotence. Excessive or weak desire; repulsed by sex. Emissions too quick or too slow. Premature aging. Lack of confidence, but egoistic, dictorial, angered. Digestive weakness with bloating, hunger.

Phos acid (H) Phosphorus acid - for impotence, loss of desire. Sudden loss of ability. Hypersensitive, premature ejaculation. Erections without desire. Desire increased after ejaculation. Hair loss, guilt, apathy, indifference.

Pulsatilla (H) Wind Flower - Prostate inflammation, swelling, enlargement. Testicular swelling. Loss of prostatic fluid or yellow discharges. Heat and pain in perineum.

Sabal serrulata (H) Saw Palmetto - Enlarged prostate, especially in elderly. Loss of sexual power or desire. Painful erection and ejaculationj. Hot feeling in spermatic cord during emissions. Atrophy of testes. Testes retracted or drawn up painfully. Cold genitals.

Selenium (H) - for impotence with sexual thoughts but no ability. Incomplete, quick or delayed ability. Weak and irritable after sex. Prostate enlargement, hardening. Easy fatigue, senility, hair loss. Averse to company of friends, forgetful. Mental confusion.

Thuja (H) Arbor vitea - Prostate enlargement and hardening. Must urinate frequently, feels unfinished. Difficult to begin, thin stream. Painful erections. aching in testes.