Alchemists Apothecary Health Association Membership

$ 10.00

Become a member of AAHA and receive these benefits

 I agree to use discount code member10 during checkout to receive a discount on Membership from $10.00 to zero. This is a separate transaction and once complete items can be added to the shopping cart.

For Practitioners:

  • Access to all I & E Organics collections including CEASE-Organotherapy-HP
  • Custom labels with Patient dosing
  • Drop shipping to Patients
  • Automatic discounts - no more discount codes
  • Send us your marketing postcards for teaching events, books, conferences and we will include in on-line orders.
  • On-line ordering equals faster shipping


For Patients

  • Access to Flower Essences, Oligotherapy, Lithotherapy
  • Access to single triturated remedies and remedy kits
  • Access to chakra products, herbal teas and tinctures
  • Access to other collections with Practitioner permissions
  • On-line ordering equals faster shipping

Not a Practitioner or a Patient?

  • Access to non prescription triturated remedies
  • Access to flower essences
  • Access to gem essences
  • Access to all chakra products
  • Access to herbal tea and tinctures

I agree to submit the sum of $10.00 as consideration for my one-time lifetime membership contract, said term beginning with the date of submission of this contract. I agree to use discount code member10 during checkout to receive a discount on Membership.

Note : Membership will be activated when you complete the checkout process. In the "notes" section on check out page indicate if you are Practitioner, Patient, HP Supervisor or Customer. If Patient please indicate Pt of _________ (Practitioners name)

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