25 Remedies for Emotional Conditions

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anger, anxiety, depression, low self esteem

Twenty five 2 dram remedies in a durable plastic box. Includes guidebook with remedy descriptions, symptomotology and suggested dosage. Choose from 30C / 200C/ 1M or 10M potency.

ACONITUM-anguish, fear of death, can predict the time. Sudden intense panic attacks. Anxiety from shock, accidents, injury, earthquakes, seeing death or evil, fevers. Fear in crowds, narrow spaces, fear of the outdoors of crossing the street. Fear of losing control. Restless. Nervous excitability. Easily startled. Hyperventilates. Tingling or numb, burning pains. Palpitations, faintness. Worse at twilight, midnight, cold winds, music. Better from open air and rest.

ANACARDIUM-Deep lack of self esteem, has difficult time making decisions. Lack of confidence in oneself and others. Malicious, cruel, irresistible desire to curse and swear. Feels as if one has two wills, an inner struggle between angel and devil. Suspicious, hard-hearted, frustrated, feels dominated and abused. Forgetful, absent-minded, everything seems to be in a dream. Hates contradiction. Acts childish. Anacardium follows Lycopodium and Pulsatilla well and can be used before or after Platina.

ARGENTUM NITRICUM -Nervous, always in a hurry, must walk fast. Anxious, irritable, nervous, impulsive, obsessive. Fear of heights, closed spaces, being late, robbers, dying. Fear of failure; doesn’t try. Dread of events, speaking in public, tests. Desires company, talking. Diarrhea from nerves. Trembling and weakness. Worse from sweets, cold food, warmth, being indoors. Better from motion, open air, wind blowing in face.

ARSENICUM ALBUM-Fear of death, robbers, closed spaces, own health and health of family. Depression, melancholy, despairing, indifferent. Anxious, fearful,, restless. Paranoid, feels lonely and threatened. Irritable, peevish, feels easily vexed. Mentally restless. Obsessed with order, cleanliness. Dependent, yet mistrusting, selfish and miserly. Chilly with burning pains. Worse after midnight, from cold, cold foods or drinks, when alone. Better from heat in general, being busy.

AURUM METALLICUM-Profound melancholy. Hopeless, despair, fits of anger. Suicidal; cheered by thoughts offending it. Silent brooding. Forsaken. Responsible, ambitious, workaholic. Loss of money, respect, love, power. Life has lost value, meaningless. Fits of anger. Sense of failure, worthlessness. Blames oneself, guilt. Violent outbursts. Worse in cold air, when getting cold, while lying down, mental exertion. Better from warm air, in the morning, during summer, and from music.

BARYTA CARBONICA-Shy, reserved, feels inferior, hides from strangers. Fearful, mistrustful, lack of self confidence. Silly fears. Hardworking, conscientious, sympathetic, but conservative. Acts childish, emotionally immature. Dependent on others. Can’t make decisions. Naive and simplistic. Not compatible with Calcarea carbonica.

BRYONIA-Irritable and easily angered from contradiction, humiliation, grief, bad news, ones own mistakes. Silent anger. Passionate rage, shouting. Red faced. Angry dreams. Homesick but wants solitude, Suspicious. Worse from any motion, noise, touch, a.m., and evening. Better from rest.

CALC CARB - Fear of losing control, poverty, the future, that something bad will happen, infection. Fear of heart disease, cancer, insanity. Full of worries, doubtful of recovery. Affected by sad scenes. Feels as if being watched, criticized. Stubborn. Tired and confused. Worse from cold and damp. Exertion, the dark, before menses. Better after breakfast.

CHAMOMILLA-Intensely irritable, quarrelsome, abusive, uncontrolled fits of anger. Whining, complaining, contrary. Aversion to being touched or being spoken to. Anger causes colic, diarrhea, seizures. Sensitive to pain, touch. Impatient. Moody, changeable, asks for something and then refuses it. Good remedy for children. Worse from coffee and at night. Better from walking, being carried. Can antidote the effects of too much coffee.

COLOCYNTHIS-Anger, explosive or silent brooding. Wants solitude, aversion to talking, becomes angry. Anger from humiliation, failures, criticism, bad news, grief, seeing others suffer, from being in pain. Easily offended, complaining. Restless with anger. Indignation at injustice. Cramps from anger that make one double over in pain. Worse from anger.

GELSEMIUM-Anxiety from anticipation. Fear of losing control, public appearances, open spaces, exams, or any new situation. Desires quiet. Loss of will. Feels paralyzed; dull, weak, trembling, uncoordinated. Heavy limbs, dizzy. Worse from bad news, tobacco smoking, when thinking of one’s ailments, damp weather. Better from cold, open air.

GRAPHITES-Timid, cowardly, full of self-doubt that produces anxiety. Worries over little things. Excessive cautiousness, hesitates, unable to decide about anything. Sad, despondent, music causes weeping. Difficulty concentrating, absent-minded. Anticipates disasters, misfortune, anxiety about the future. Fearful. Restless, fidgety, sensitive to any little change. Guilty. Worse at night.

IGNATIA-Idealist, romanticist, responsible. Self-reproach, shame, silent grief. Depression from acute loss, grief, broken heart, shock, fright, upsets, anger. Changeable moods; weeping, laughter, rage. Mental and physical exhaustion from long held grief. Easily offended. Irritable, worse from consolation. Sensitive to touch, tobacco, coffee. Involuntary sighing. Lump in throat, sobbing, bites lip. Better from warmth, walking. Incompatible with Nux. vomica.

LAC CANINUM-Inferiority, self hatred, feels ugly, unloved, unclean, stupid. The underdog, ignored, neglected, scorned. Deep dark depression. Suppressed by others, blaming oneself. After sexual abuse. Blames others with rage, hatred, meanness. Malicious and defensive. Fear of having an incurable disease, of failure, of death, being alone. Chronically blue. Anxiety attacks. Better from rest.

LYCOPODIUM - Mild, introverted, timid, lacks confidence alternating with arrogance, rage, egotism. Power struggles, feels superior, dictatorial or powerless, cowardly. Unexpressed anger, then abusive outbursts. Intellectual but poor memory. Craves sweets. Lonely but avoids people. Shuns responsibility. Lacks courage, feels inadequate yet critical of others. Likes company yet fears commitment. Dependent on others but dislikes demands on self. Intestinal gas and bloating. Worse a.m., 4-8p.m., and from heat. This remedy is antidoted by coffee.

NATRUM MURIATICUM-Deep emotional wounds, more profound than ignatia, Silent, suppressed grief. Responsible, sympathetic to other’s suffering. Guarded, closed, defensive, though sensitive. Vulnerable, easily hurt. Forsaken. Seeks solitude, yet feels isolated. Averse to consolation. Hopeless, cynical, resentful. Dwells on past trauma, self-blame. Worse from sea air, at the seashore, heat of sun, mental exertion. Better in the open air, cold bathing, going without regular meals.

NUX VOMICA-Intense, irritable, impatient temperament. Ambitious, driven, jealous. Constant stress, tension. Highly critical, fault finding, spiteful, deceptive, picky. Argumentative, violent, stubborn. Hypersensitive to noise, touch, light. Abuse of alcohol, coffee, drugs. Worse in the morning, after eating or over eating. Better in the evening, while at rest, and in damp wet weather.

PHOSPHORIC ACID-Apathetic, indifferent, resignation. Dull, can’t collect words or thoughts. Lassitude, listless and weak. Mild, passive. Loss of appetite. Chilly. Overwhelmed. Depression from overwork, study, grief, broken hart, burn-out, adolescent growth spurts. Effects from loss of fluids. Night sweats. Worse from sleep.

PHOSPHORUS-Sensitive, impressionable, suggestible, sympathetic. Likes interacting. Fear from darkness, death, being alone, illness, robbers, ghosts, monsters. Anxiety about health, anxiety that something might happen. Hypoglycemia, thirst. Worse when alone or cold, from sleep and storms. Better with consolation, and from warmth.

PULSATILLA-Sweet, mild, gentle, can’t refuse others. Needs to give and receive love. Depression from grief, loss, jealousy, anticipation, disappointment, indignation. Feels forsaken. Desires company and consolation, but irritable and snappish. Emotional, weeps easily, moody. Guilt and shame, rigid ideals, picky. Worse heat, evening. Better fresh air, gentle motion, eating and drinking cold things.

SEPIA-Overwhelmed, tired, indifferent to loved ones. Emotionally closed, cold. Desires solitude, silence, but likes someone available nearby. Dullness. Sad, weeping, wants to run away. Aversion to sex. Sarcastic, critical, Depression from hormonal imbalances, business or family worries, loss, grief. Worse from cold air, before a thunderstorm. Better from warmth of bed, aggressive exercise.

SILICEA-Weak-willed, lack of confidence, timid, indecisive, no inner strength. Compensates by being stubborn and rigid about things. Fixed attitudes. Concerned about others opinions of them. Tries to live up to a specific image (parental, societal) and be accepted for it, not for one’s real worth. Fear of failure, yields to others. Very fastidious. Hard to show emotions. Worse from cold, during new moon, uncovering, lying down. Better from warmth, especially from wrapping up the head. Silicea is the chronic of Pulsatilla.

STAPHYSAGRIA-Accepts authority, hates conflict, but very sensitive to humiliation, insult, abuse (mental and physical): results in suppressed rage, indignation. High expectations cause disappointments. Fear of loss of control with violent anger, outbursts. Over conscientious, particular, picky. High sex drive. Cannot bear to be alone. Worse from anger, tobacco, sexual excesses, from touch.

STRAMONIUM-Anxiety from deep shock, seeing death, disasters, even long ago. Fears dark, evil, water, dogs, mirrors, closed places, people, new things. Violent angry outbursts or actions. Night terrors. Twitches, spasms. Worse in the dark and solitude Cannot walk into a dark room. Better from bright light, from company, warmth.

RESCUE REMEDY-A Bach flower combination remedy made with Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, and Clematis. For shock of any kind, sudden bad news, fearfulness, terror, panic, apprehension, tension, feeling bothered, having an over active mind.

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