25 Remedies for Colds & Flu

$ 200.00

Colds, fever, influenza, stuffed nose

Twenty five 2 dram remedies in a durable plastic box. Includes guidebook with remedy descriptions, symptomology and suggested dosage. 30C potency.

Aconitum - Sudden high fever. First stages of cold. Colds from drafts, chilling, shock, fright. Nose is stuffed up, burning hot, dry, but no discharge; or hot and watery discharge. Tingling and burning nose with sneezing. Throbbing head. Dry, hot throat. Choking with swallowing. Croupy cough, worse in cold winds. Anxiety about illness or of dying. Burning thirst for cold drinks.

Allium cepa - Colds with profuse, dripping, watery, acrid discharge, irritating the upper lip. Violent sneezing fits. Dull head pains with discharge. Hot and thirsty. Eyes burning and smarting, red, light sensitive, watery with non acrid discharge. Tickling, hacking cough in cold air, hurts the larynx. Constricted throat. Worse: damp, cold, evening, warm room, lying. Better: in open air.

Ammon carb - Nose blocked at night, mouth breathing. Hot, acrid, watery discharge. Sniffles or nasal blockages in children. Starts from sleep. Pressure, fullness at root of nose. Nosebleeds after stooping, washing. Swollen glands. Tickling cough, asthma. Cracked burning lips. Chilly, dull and listless Worse: cold, damp, 3-4 a.m., exertion. Better: open air, lying, pressure.

Arsenicum- Colds: nose watery, acidic, dripping discharge, burns the upper lip, yet nose feels stuffed up, feeling not relieved by sneezing. Burning, dry, nostrils. Dull, throbbing headache with sensitivity to light. Restless, chilly, anxious and nervous. Frequent sips of cold water. Fear of serious illness, death. Worse: open air, cold, after midnight. Better: warm room, warm drinks. Fevers: dry, burning, worse: 2 a.m.. Chiils with shivering. Face hot, body and hands cold. Cold sweats. Anxiety, restlessness, despair. Total exhaustion. Thirst for small sips.

Arum triph - Stuffy nose, mouth breathing with much acrid, watery, fishy discharge. Crawling sensation in nostrils, constant desire to bore at nose, causing bleeding. Nose runs only in morning. Nasal crusts and scabs. Roof of mouth raw, sore. Sore, raw nose and upper lip. Picks at lips until they bleed. Burning tongue. Worse: cold, wet, winds, talking, night, lying, motion. Better: open air.

Baptisia - Influenza with sore, heavy, aching muscles. Rapid exhaustion, weakness and toxicity. Feels very ill. Foul odor of body, breath, sweat, discharges. Bleary eyes. Heavy, numb head, sore eyes, dusky face. Falls asleep while talking. Completely dull and confused. Delirious, restless, feels double, or in pieces. Worse: open air, cold, fog, indoors, hot and humid, pressure, waking.

Belladonna - Fever with sudden onset, after getting chilled or overheated. High fever, delirium. Bright red, flushed face, hot and dry skin, glassy eyes, dilated pupils. Dry skin, sweaty on covered parts. Few chills. Hot head, cold hands. Throbbing head. Thirst for cold or lemon drinks. Worse: light, noise, motion, 3 p.m., touch, night. Better: warm drinks, heat. Sore throat with sudden onset; burning hot, dry, bright red throat, swollen and tender. Constant need to swallow, hawk. Feels constricted, plugged, suffocated. Choking spasms on trying to drink. Painful swallowing; worse from liquids. Worse: swallowing, turning head, right side, cold air, touch. Better: rest.

Bryonia - Fever with gradual onset. Shivering with chills predominates over fever. Heat on one side only. Heat in head; face. Body cold. Sour sweat night and a.m. Thirst for large quantities. Bitter taste. Dizziness, headache. Dry cough. Worse: morning, 9 p.m., least motion. Better: rest, quiet, open air. In Influenza with slow onset, heat and sweating. Dry, obstructed nose, pain at root of nose. Dry mouth, intense thirst. Chapped lips, tongue coated dirty white. Bitter taste. Bursting frontal headache, dry hacking cough. Irritable, worry about business, desire to be left alone.

Chamomilla - Intense fever with long-lasting heat, followed by sweats. One cheek red, one pale. Sweaty on covered areas. Hot, sweaty face, head. One part hot, the other cold. Thirsty. Alternate chills and heat. Irritable, demanding, capricious. Worse: anger, uncovering, night, coffee.

China - Recurrent fevers. Frequent chills with thirst. Prickling heat all over. Drenching sweats, exhaustion. Indigestion, bloating. Feels persecuted, irritable. Before chills: anxiety, palpitations, thirst, violent headaches, hunger. Worse: drafts, open air, motion, uncovering, slight touch. Better: eating.

Dulcamara - Influenza sneezing, much discharge, but stuffed up completely in cold air or rain. Stuffy at rest, better during motion. Thick yellow mucus, green crusts. Summer colds and flu. Colds affect the bowels, bladder, eyes, or throat. Rattling mucus in chest. Swollen glands. Chills in back. Domineering. Worse: cold and damp, rain, rest. Better: motion, walking, indoors, warmth.

Eup perf - Influenza with intense thirst for cold drinks that precedes chills and fever. Deep aching in bones and muscles, as if broken. Aching in eyes, back, limbs. Heavy aching head. Restless but worse from motion. Nausea. Rough sscraping cough, sore chest, must support it with hands. Watery discharge. Moaning with pain. Worse: cold air, motion.

Euphrasia - Colds with acrid constant discharge from eyes with scalding tears that burn the skin, light sensitivity. Swollen lids. Headache. Pressure under sternum. Tickling larynx. Non irritating discharge from nose, violent sneezing. Profuse runny nose in a.m. with hacking cough and much expectoration. Frequent waking. Worse: morning, indoors, evening, night. Better: outdoors, eating, dark.

Ferrum phos - First stages of fever. High fever with flushed blotches on face or paleness. Less intense or sudden than Aconitum or Belladonna with no anxiety or restlessness. Irritable, talkative. Sore throat, coughing. Headache. Worse: night, late afternoon, right side. Better: cold compress, lying.

Gelsemium - Influenza with gradual onset and dizziness. Weakness, chills, dullness, lethargy. Muscle aching, chills in spine. Trembling. Blurred vision, heavy eyelids. Heavy, dull pain in back of head. Dusky, flushed face. Yellow tongue. Violent sneezing in a.m., stuffy nose or watery thin discharge. Drowsy. No thirst. Worse: motion. Better: sweating, profuse urination.

Hepar sulph - Sore throat with splinter-like pains, like a fish bone in the throat. Sensitive to touch. Stitching pain into ear on swallowing. Hawks up lumps of foul mucus. Hearing blocked, speech affected. Solids difficult to swallow, liquid ok. Irritable; angry impulses. Very chilly. Hypersensitive to pain, suffering. Worse: touch, drafts, warm food, night. Better: warm drinks, craves sour.

Kali bich - Sore throat with splinter-like pains, better by swallowing, but also pain on empty swallowing. Thick, yellow or jelly like mucus. Hawking, choking and constriction. Pain on protruding the tongue. Swallowing difficult, sensation of lump in throat. Ulcers on throat, uvula. Worse: sticking out tongue, talking, cold, damp. Better: open air, warmth.

Lachesis - Sore throat, dark red, raw, constricted feeling. Worse, slightest touch. Left sided. Painful toswallow saliva or hot srinks, but solid foods, cold drinks ok. Feels like a lump or crumb in throat, swallowing relieves for only a second. Talkative. Tongue quivers when protruded. Choking and Regurgitation. Worse: pressure, heat, after sleep. Better: cold drinks.

Lycopodium - Nose completely blocked. Dry at the back of the nose, though discharge in the front. Grayish mucus in afternoon, evening. Nursing children. Obstructed during sleep, with mouth breathing, snoring. Sensitive, or lost smell. Worse: warmth, right side, 4-8 p.m.

Mercurius - Throat is raw, burning, dark red, swollen. May be pus or ulcers in throat. Constant need to swallow with stitches on swallowing. Like an apple core stuck in throat. Hawking up lumps of mucus. Burning. Much salivation; worse at night. Night sweats. Swollen glands and tonsils. Foul breath; metallic or putrid taste. Flabby, cracked tongue. Worse: night, warm drinks r compress, hot or cold. Weather changes.

Nat mur - Colds with watery discharge from nose becoming thick and whitish. Sneezing fits in a.m. Nose alternately runs or blocked, sores inside. Hawks up salty mucus. Eyes watery in the wind. Cold sores. Dry, cracked lips, much thirst. Sensitive, depressed. Desires solitude, avoids sympathy. Feels weepy. Worse: mid morning, sun warmth. Better: fresh air, sweating, cool bath.

Nux vomica - Colds with dry, stuffed up nose; runs by day, stuffed at night. Feels stuffed in open air, runs in warm room. Sniffles in children. Sneezing, nosebleeds. Aching all over, chilliness, dull headache. Irritable, impatient, driven. Colds from chilling, loss of sleep, overwork, overindulgence, alcohol. Worse: open air, cold, drafts, noise, light. Better: rest, damp air, heat.

Pulsatilla - Late stages of cold with thick, yellow green discharge from nose, non irritating mucus, bad smelling. Sneezing. Nosebleed. Loss of taste, smell, appetite. Loose cough a.m., dry cough night. Little thirst. Greasy taste in mouth. Changeable symptoms and moods. Weepy, craves sympathy, Snappish. Worse: morning, evening, heat (but chilly) stuffy room. Better: open air.

Rhus tox - Influenza with fever and chills from drafts, uncovering. Tickling cough. Cold sores. Sneezing, thick yellow-green, foul mucus. Tip of nose red; nosebleeds. Influenza from getting wet, chilling after overheating. Dry, coated tongue, red tip. Severe aching, stiff muscles, must stretch. Anxiety, extreme restlessness. Worse: cold, after rest, p.m. Better: warm drinks, heat, gentle motion.

Sambucus - Nose dry or obstructed by thick, tenacious mucus. In newborn infants. Starts from sleep. Child unable to nurse. Mouth breathing. Suffocative cough or asthma, shortness of breath. Profuse sweats. Worse: dry cold air, lying down, midnight, 2-3 a.m. Better: sitting up.

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