25 Remedies for Children

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Chicken pox, colic, ear infection, measles, teething

Twenty five 2 dram remedies in a durable plastic case. Includes guidebook with remedy descriptions, symptomotology, and suggested dosage. Choose from 30c / 200c / 1m or 10M potencies.

Remedies include: aconite - ant tart - apis - belladonna - calc carb - calc phos chamomilla - cina - colocynthis -dioscorea - euphrasia - gelsemium - mercurius - mezereum - podophyllum - pulsatilla - rheum - rhus tox - senna - silicea - staphysagria - sulpher - WW - malachite gem - clay

~~~~~~~~~~CHICKEN POX~~~~~~~~~~

APIS MELLIFICA-stinging, burning, itching blisters. Pink, glossy, puffy skin. Puffy eyes or body. Sweating, thirsty. Suffocative feeling in chest. Fussy, fidgety, jealous child. Irritable, excited, awkward, a busy bee. Worse: heat from room or bed, touch, afternoon. Better: cold compresses, cold air.

ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM-painful blisters. Eruptions that leave a mark. Stinging pain on pressure. Waves of nausea with vomiting and mucus. Red, burning eruptions with pus that crust over. Wants to be left alone. Loose rattling cough, hard to bring up mucus, short of breath. Great drowsiness, weak, sweaty. Frequent yawning. Craves acids. Worse: warm room, cold, overeating. Better: motion, vomiting.

MEZEREUM-Itching, burning blisters with formation of excessively thick, leathery crusts, scabs with pus underneath. Worse on scalp, face and chin, and hands. Worse evening until midnight. Cold chills. Indifferent, dull, apprehensive. Worse: heat, drafts, damp, touch, bathing with water, scratching, rubbing.

PULSATILLA-Itching rash, blisters, not better from scratching. Crawling, burning, bting. Itching returns or wore with heat from bed. Blisters crusting after scratching. Thick yellow discharge from mose, ears. Earache. Gentle, timid, craves attention and sympathy; whining, weepy, cranky. Worse: evening in bed, heat, fatty foods. Better: fresh air, cold compresses.

RHUS TOXICODENDRON-Large blisters, surrounded by red, inflamed swollen tissue. Burning, itching, prickling. Gets infected, with pus, even ulcers. Remedy speeds crusting. Extremely restless. Feels stiff, aching. Desires milk. Fever and lethargy. Worse: night, cold, damp, after rest, washing, initial motion, after scratching (burns). Better: warmth, hot compresses, rubbing, stretching.

SULPHUR-Itching blisters, burning or bleeding after scratching, forming thick yellow crusts. Red lips and ears. Throbbing, burning. Lethargic, hungry, cranky. Worse: hot, 11 a.m., standing, bathing. Better: warm compress, open air.

VARIOLINUM-Nosode of smallpox used as a preventative.


BELLADONNA-Distended, burning hot, throbbing abdomen with protruding lumps. Red, hot face. Dry. Fever, dilated pupils. Sensitive to noise, light, jarring. Violent sharp pains appear and leave suddenly. Furious, screaming, striking. Worse: touch, even of pajamas, pressure, company, lying on tummy. Better: bending backward, rest, dark room. Thirst for sips, desires lemons.

CHAMOMILLA-Colicky, cutting pains with gas, diarrhea which is undigested grassy or yellow-green, smells like bad eggs. Hot and thirsty, hot sweats, one cheek red. Terrible temper, demanding, fretful, moaning. Refuses what is asked for. Sleepless with pain, wants to be carried, worse touch or being spoken to. Worse: evening, before midnight, during teething, warm food, during a cold and if breastfeeding mother drinks coffee. Better: if carried, cold compress.

CINA-Twisting pains, bloated, hard, abdomen, white mucus in stools. Stiffens out. Grinding of teeth or gums. Itching anus, nose. Parasites. Always hungry, but diarrhea or vomiting after. Bedwetting, cold sweats. Dissatisfied, irritable, worse if looked at. Better: if carried. Worse: touch, night, during sleep. Better: lying on abdomen, motion.

COLOCYNTHIS-Intense cramping pains, writhing in pain, pulls legs up to abdomen. Sudden cries and jerking. Frothy, watery, sour, yellow, diarrhea. Very irritable, restless, enraged, throws things. Colic or diarrhea after anger. Worse: at night, lying on abdomen, cheese. Better: heat, bending double, hard pressure or massage of stomach, after releasing stool or gas.

RHEUM-Colic before diarrhea. Child smells sour, even after washing. Sour stool, vomit, sweat. Brown, green, slimy stool, Impatient, irritable. Desires many things, dislikes favorite things or wants particular objects. Screaming and crying. Sleepless. Teething kids. Worse: uncovering any part, eating. Better: bending double, warmth.

SENNA-Extreme pain from trapped gas; full of wind. Restless, shreiking in agony. Cold in the abdomen with emptiness and uneasiness in the stomach. Rumbling and fermentation with foul gas. Repeated sneezing, heat in palms of hands. Exhausted, especially after meals, but sleepless. Constipation of hard dark stools or yellow-green diarrhea.

~~~~~~~~~~EAR INFECTION~~~~~~~~~~

BELLADONNA-Throbbing and tearing pains that shoot down the face, chin, teeth, neck. Flushed, hot face, ears. Dilated pupils, glassy eyes, dry lips and mouth. Noises and ringing in ears, hears one's own voice. Throbbing headache. High fever, delirium. Frightened or raging. Nightmares, wakes screaming. Worse: night, jarring, loud noises, touch, light, right side. Better: warmth.

CALCAREA CARBONICA-Throbbing, burning, stitches extend into throat. Aches when blowing nose, coughing. Foul discharge. Noises and cracking in ears, worse swallowing, chewing. Hearing loss. Enlarged glands. Sensitive to cold. Profuse perspiration around head. Craves eggs. Soft, flabby, insecure. Worse: cold, damp, teething, a.m.

CHAMOMILLA-Very acute stitching pain. Hot red ears, or one cheek red the other pale. Earache while teething. Hot and thirsty. Sticky sweat. Frequent colic. Very irritable, cranky, tantrums. Averse to being touched, even looked at. Wants things, then rejects them. Must be carried or rocked. Spasms. Worse night, any noise, cold, lying down, wind.

MERCURIUS-Foul, green, acrid or bloody pus. Ruptured drum. Stopped up, ringing. Drooling at night. Metallic taste. Recurrent throat or tonsil infections. Swollen glands. Foul breath and foul sweat. Mouth sores or ulcers. Impulsive, non-trusting. Sensitive to criticism. Worse: night, both heat and cold, damp, drafts, warm drinks.

PULSATILLA-Ear is hot, red, swollen, severe stitching pain, roaring sounds. Itching. Yellow, thick discharge, deafness, stopped up feeling, pressure. Especially after colds, measles. Profuse yellow mucus. Little thirst, dry lips. Gentle, timid child; want sympathy, attention. Weepy, whining pitifully. Worse: warm room (though chilly), evening, night. Better: rest, open air.

SILICEA-Chronic offensive pus or "gum ear". Shooting pain. Itching, tingling, worse swallowing. Stopped up with frequent popping. Roaring sounds. Hard to hear voices, sensitive to loud noise. Profuse sweat on head. Timid, fearful, lacks confidence, but gets stubborn, rigid, defiant. Easily exhausted, weakly. Worse: cold, damp. Better: warm, wrapping.

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