25 Remedies for Injuries

$ 180.00

Bites, bleeding, bruises, burns, sprains, wounds

Twenty five 2 dram remedies in a durable plastic box. Includes guidebook with remedy descriptions, symptomology and suggested dosage. 30C potency.

Aconitum (Hom)Monkshood - Shock and fear immediatly after injury, bruises, burns, sprains, fractures. Sensitive wounds, local inflammation, pain, fever after injury or surgery. High fevers with hot, dry skin, Injury to eye, retina, foreign body in eye. Fear of immanent death, crowds, crossing the street. Restless, startled.

Apis (Hom) Honey Bee - Puncture wounds, stings of insects; bees, wasps, ants, dog/snake bites. Greatly swollen: puffy and shiny red. Burning, stinging pain, like hot needles, itching at nigt. Pain causes sudden shrill cries. Bee allergy. Anaphylactic shock with difficult breathing, swollen throat, puffy face. Burns with great swelling, rosy, red, sensitive. Intense stinging, burning, prickling. First degree burn or small vesicles surrounded by puffy skin. Burns and blisters of tongue. Worse: heat in any form, pressure, touch. Better: cold compress or air.

Arnica (Hom)Leopards Bane - Trauma, shock. Muscular strains, charley hourse, overexertion. Sore, bruised sensation all over, as if beaten. Parts lain on are painful. Hot head, body and limbs cold. Bruising, external or internal bleeding. Use externally if skin NOT broken, nor an open wound. Black eye. Effects of blunt instruments. Easy bruising, black and blue. Fear, nightmares or "flashbacks" after injury. Denies severity of injury. Exhausted, weak and restless. External use for bruises. Worse: touch, jarring, motion, night, damp. Better: cold compresses, lying with head low.

Arsenicum (Hom)- Septic puncture, wounds from dirty punctures, snake or animal bites, venomous insects. Infected woun, foul yellow pus, ulcers. Gangrene. Poisonous effects: becomes restless, fearful, anxious, chilly, weak. Burning pains, better from hot compress. Skin burns feel like they are on fire. Infected blisters with foul discharge or become bloody, bluish, black. Severe burns, blackened skin. Tongue burns. Burns with oil or grease, dry burns. Anxious, restless, weak, chilly. Worse: after midnight, cold compress, cold drinks. Better: warm applications.

Bellis (Hom)Daisy - Trauma and bruising to deep tissue or to the abdomen, legs, spine, pelvis or to breasts, uterus or internal organs. Main remedy after major surgery. Recurring injury; repetitive strains, constant standing, straining, carrying. Swelling remaining long after injury or bruise, after Arnica. Swelling of glands and coldness of the limb. Dissolves hematoma. Tumors at site of injury. Intense sorenness, aching, much bruising. Exhausted with wish to lie down. Wakes at 3 am and can't sleep again. Worse: touch, chilling, heat, rest. Better: cold compress, gentle motion.

Bryonia (Hom)Wild Hops - Injuries, dislocations, falls, bruises. Pain from fracture, joint sprains. Swelling, heat, redness, intense thirst, coated tongue, irritability, worry. Inflammation after injury; synovitis, bursitis. Stitching, cutting pains, Hot face and head, cold body. Splitting headache or nausea after injury. Worse: slightest motion, touch. Better: rest, heat, pressure, open air.

Calc Fluor (Hom)

Calendula (Hom)Marigold - External use (tincture) in wounds, scrapes, cuts, bleeding, muscle pulls. Stops bleeding from wounds, especially scalp, mouth. Inflamed wounds. Rapid healing of wounds, seals the edges, prevents scars. Jagged wounds. Excessively painful, pricking pain. Pain worse from pressure of bandage. Prevents infection or for infected wounds, abscess, ulcerations, gangrene. Applied as a wash externally, gives immediate relief, prevents blisters. For burns and scalds to mouth.

Cantharis (Hom)Spanish Fly - Burns, scalds or sunburn, before or after blisters form, but also for stages of infection, ulceration or gangrene. Second or third degree burn. Scalds to mouth, throat. Acid or chemical burn. Chemical burns to eyes. Rawness, stinging, smarting, burning and itching. Inflamed vesicles. Worse: touch, scratching, coffee. Better: relieved by cold water, lying, rest.

Causticum (Hom)Potassium Hydrate - Severe burns. Burns which are not healing well. Cracks, ulcers, scarring. General after effects of burns or scalds; has never been well since a burn. Old burn scars that cause pain, re open or bleed. Stiff, contracted flesh. Burns of the tongue. Ingestion of caustic chemicals. Gangrene after burns. Worse: dry cold, drafts, evening, motion. Better: warmth, damp weather.

Hamamelis (Hom) Witch Hazel - Bruises with intense soreness, aching, bruised feeling, tender to touch. Black eye or bleeding in the eye. Bruise to testes. Injury to veins in general. Varicose veins, phlebitis, hemorrhoids. Bleeding of dark blood from anywhere. Hemorrhage, poor clotting, nosebleed. Bruised look to burns. Worse: pressure, open air, jarring, motion, exertion, touch, cold, humid.

Hepar Sulph (Hom) - Puncture or stab wounds. Bleeds profusely. Severe stitching or burning. Infected easily and will not heal. Skin dry, hard and hot around wound. Pussy discharge or abscess. Worse: cold, touch. Better: warm wrapping.

Hypericum (Hom) St. John's Wort - Injuries to nerves or nerve rich tissue. Neuralgia after injury, wounds, cuts, surgery, dental work. Trembling, twitching, crawling, numbness, burning. Blows or injuries to the head, spine, tailbone, tips of fingers or toes. Punctures, splinters, nails, stabs, bites. Palms or soles, fingertips. Severe pains shooting upward, numbness, tingling, crawling or burning. Wounds excessively painful, tender. Prevents tetanus. Shuddering, jerking or spasms after wound. Burns that become infected. Effect of ultraviolet or radiation damage. Worse: touch, cold, damp. Better: rubbing.

Lachesis (Hom) Bushmaster Snake - Splinters, bites of snakes, ants, cats, dogs, leeches, bedbugs, bullets etc. Wounds bleed profusely, heal slowly. Bruised tissue around wound. Red, dark-bluish skin. Swollen, dark, bloody, pus. Ulcers or gangrene. Burning, throbbing or shooting pain. Worse: night, heat, touch, pressure.

Ledum (Hom) Marsh Tea - Bruises or black eye. Swollen, tender, purple tissue after injury, sprains, cuts, fractures. Injured part feels cold to the touch. Pain travels upwards. Puncture wounds from insects, bites, nails, bites, cat bites, stabs of palms or soles. Much swelling. Never well since fall. Worse: heat, slight pressure, motion. Better: cold applications, cold bathing, rest.

Rhus tox (Hom) Poison Ivy - Tearing of ligaments: joint sprains, both acute or chronic. Dislocation. Overlifting, overstraining, overexertion. Inflammation at site of injury. Stiffness. Restlessness due to pain. Arthritic tendency after injury. Burns with red, swollen, itching, burning vesicles; like hot needles. Tingling. Skin dark red. Worse: first motion after rest, damp, cold. Better: limbering up, heat.

Ruta (Hom) Rue - Aching soreness; injury to cartilage or where tendons attach to the bone. Formation of deposits, cysts, nodes or hard tumors at site of an injury. Injury to wrist, knee, neck, low back. Weal, lame, overstretched joints. Extremely stiff and restless. Bruises to areas where bones are covered thinly by skin (elbows, shins, ankles), wrist, knee, spine. Bruises of bone coverings (periosteum). Bruises during dislocations, sprains, fractures. Sore, bruised, aching sensations. Worse: cold damp, touch, sitting, evening.

Silicea (Hom)Pure Flint - Pushes foreign bodes (splintyers, glass, etc. ) out of body. Splinters in eye. Bone puncture. Prevents, cures infection/abscess at site of wound. Weak nails, poor wound healing, easy scarring. Lymph nodes inflamed. Worse: cold drafts, jarring. Beter: warmth, wrapping up area.

Staphysagria (Hom)Delphinium - Injuries or wounds from sharp instruments, cuts, surgery, dental work, compound fracture (sharp bone). Overstretching of tissues (childbirth).Injuries to jaw, abdomen, genitals, groin area; episiotomy. Concussion. Stitching pain, soreness. Sense of humiliation, abuse, insult with anger. Worse: touch, motion. Better: warmth, pressure, leaning on something.

Stront carb (Hom)

Sulph acid (Hom)- Large bruises, if Arnica fails. Bruise becomes blood-red, itchy blotches. Long-lasting black and blue spots with soreness and stiffness. Bleeding. Bruises of glands after Conium or of bone after Ruta. Weakness and internal trembling with tendency to bruising. Bruises after operations. Worse: cold air, cold water, touch, pressure, menopause. Better: warmth.

Symphytum (Hom) Comfrey - In fracture: pain relief and to promote rapid repair of bones, cartilage. Injury to bone linings (periosteum): bone bruising, puncture, shin injury. Blows to eyeball or socket, to skull, face. Bone inflammation, osteitis. Prickling pains. Chronic soreness at the site of old fractures, sparins. Cuts bone healing time by half. Non union of fractures. Amputation.

Urtica urens (Hom) Stinging Nettle - Burns, sunburn, scalds, with intense burning, itching, crawling, stinging. First degree burns (skin not broken). Prickly heat. Hives. Swelling. Reddened skin. Small, clear, fluid-filled blisters, skin peeling afterwards. Worse: from cold water, night, hat, exercise, after sleep. Better: lying still.

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