Indigo color

$ 11.00

Indigo Color. Refracting sunlight through prism, isolating indigo spectrum. Homeopathic Single Remedy. C3 Trituration, Hahnemann method of dilution. Vial with pellets or liquid dropper bottle.

Inspires the higher aspirations of the soul. Enhances and expands one's perception of reality. Helps free and uplift the mind from the mundane to the spiritual, from duality into unity.

Assists one in releasing fears, frustrations, inhibitions. Facilitates development of inner wisdom, stillness, meditation, contemplation. Invokes the awakening of one's iiner vision, intuition and clairvoyance.

Imagination, inspiration, creativity, transformation. Conveys unity, synthesis, world service, devotion, humanitariansim.

Beneficial for pineal / pituitary glands, muscles, lungs, blood, sense of vision, hearing and smell.

Indicated for pride, conceit, rigidity in outlook, separateness, deceit, irritability.


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