Red ~ Color Remedy

$ 15.00

The Color Red. Refracting sunlight through prism isolating red spectrum. Includes exposure to traditional alchemy red color pigments. Hahnemann method of dilution.

2 Dram colored vial with pellets.

Inspires strength, confidence, courage, willpower, assertiveness. Invokes alertness, initiation, determination, motivation. Suggests honor, integrity, indepedence, authority, leadership. Enhances one's ability to cope with life and meet challenges optimism, hope and cheerfulness.

Encourages action and self confidence to overcome lethargy, inertia, depression; helps one conquer the sense of limitation. Arouses feelings of love, sexuality, passion.

Energizes and vitalizes entire body / mind sysstem. Helps relieve dormant, sluggish, congested conditions in body, emotions, mind.

Beneficial for nervous system, blood, circulation, liver, colon, genitals, legs, entire physica body in general.

Indicated for sexual overindulgance, overbearing assertiveness, aggression, impulsiveness, impatience, selfishness.


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