Violet color

$ 11.00

Violet Color. Refracting sunlight through prism, isolating violet spectrum. Homeopathic Single Remedy. C3 Trituration, Hahnemann method of dilution. Vial with pellets or liquid dropper bottle.

Vibrational messenger of our transcendental / divine nature and highest spiritual aspirations. Uplifting and inspirational. Violet's potent vibrations urge transformation, change and purification on all levels of being.

Facilitates spiritual growth by accelerating the release and positive transformation of old mental / emotional patterns. Promotes forgiveness, devotion, service, loyalty, grace, tenderness. Enhances meditation, relaxation, contemplation, insight, intuition. Symbol of royalty, majesty, power.

Helps dissolve negativity. Exerts a powerful healing influence.

Beneficial for all forms of neurosis. Soothing and tranquilizing to the nerves. Calms violence and irritability. Benefical for blood (purification), bone growth, excess hunger, brain, pineal and pituitary glands, spleen, kidneys, bladder.

Indicated for intolerance, anger, injustice, restriction, arrogance, martydom, fanaticism.

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