Yellow color-LM

$ 15.00

Yellow Color. Refracting sunlight through prism, isolating yellow spectrum. Homeopathic Single Remedy, C3 Trituration, Hahnemann method of dilution. 1 dram amber vial with #10 (poppy seed) pellets or 15ml liquid dropper bottle.

Like sunlight, the animating color of life. Awakening, transforming, radiany, expressive. Brings joy, enthusiasm, optimism, humor and laughter; beneficial for despondent / melancholy conditions.

Representative of knowledge, intellect, wisdom, brilliance and illumination; stimulates the higher reasoning faculties of the mind.

Self-esteem, self-control, mastery of desire. Instinctual awareness (gut feelings). Attention to details, organization, discipline.

Exerts a stimulating, cleansing, eliminative action on the body and mind. Beneficial for digestion, lymphatic system, blood, nerves, brain, skin, stomach, intestines, muscles, pancreas, liver, gallbladder.

Indicated for criticism, overindulgence, laziness, stubborness, selfishness, cynicism, bitterness.


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