Atomic No. 64 Secret Lanthanide Remedy ~ Gadolinium

$ 15.00

Harmony. Balance. Self satisfied. Self centered. Symmetry. Two sided.

At the summit, success, complete, high, haughty, shiny, dignity, justified, assured, obvious. Fixed; riged and have fixed view. They think that everything is okay. Pathology comes out is if from nowhere and surprises them. A trust that life will be okay. An ability to see the two sides.

Arsenicum; Cold, fastidious; anxious emphasis on gaining or losing security.

Bromatum; Avoiding persecution, punishment, embarrassment.

Carbonicum; Value and worth in relation to productivity; general and personal.

Fluoratum; Syphilitic tendencies; superficial appearance/connection, hidden decay.

Iodatum; Warm; high metabolism and activity.

Muriaticum; Connection/disconnection; nurtured/not nurtured, disappointment.

Nitricum; Anticipatory anxiety; fear of high, narrow and “out of control” situations.

Oxydatum; Sensitivity and imaginary fears; inspired/inspiring; may feel victimized.

Phosphoricum; Sensitivity with imaginary fears related to dark, thunderstorms.

Silicatum: Cold, sensitivity to criticism, desire to reflect a fixed image to others.

Sulphuricum; Runs warm, disorderly, censorious, ego, desire for appreciation.


2 dram amber vial with black cap. C3 Trituration from source material. Hahnemannn method of dilution.

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