Orange ~ Color Remedy

$ 15.00

The Color Orange. Refracting sunlight through prism isolating orange spectrum. Includes exposure to traditional alchemy orange color pigments. Hahnemann method of dilution.

2 Dram orange colored vial with pellets.

Opens one to new ideas and perspectives. Suggests freedom in body, emotions and mind. Assists one in releasing repressed emotion, inhibitions and fears.

Gives extra power to cope with life.

Warming, comforting, joyous and cheerful. Tolerance, pleasure, sociability. Supports one in working creatively and harmoniously with others. Enhances one's self-esteem, courage and assertiveness.

Helps one channel excess sexual energy into outlets of creativity and accomplishment.

Assists digestive, assimilative and circulatory processes, and calcium metabolism. Beneficial for lungs, colon, ovaries, spleen, pancreas, womb, kidneys, bladder, gallbladder.

Indicated for intolerance, overindulgence, lust, possessiveness, confusion, lack of purpose.

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