Gurudas Gem Essence ~ Diamond

$ 12.00

Diamond - Gem immersion method of preparation with Hahnemannn practice of dilution and succussion. The master healer and perhaps the most neutral of all gemstones. Useful in gem remedy combinations for amplifying or unifying a combination because diamond energies come from such a high vibrational level and then are transformed downward into the physical body. Useful for removing blockages in the crown chakra, for people experiencing anxiety, insecurity, and low self esteem. It promotes clarity of thought, and as a thought amplifier, diamond aligns one closer to the thoughts associated with the higher self and to the actual higher self. The etheric body is more aligned with the physical body, which intensifies the ability of the life force by draining off negative patterns. When using diamond there should be some caution because it is so powerful it can radiate too much energy and deplete one's energy.

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