Green color

$ 11.00

Refracting sunlight through prism, isolating green spectrum. Homeopathic Single Remedy. C3 Trituration, Hahnemann method of dilution. Vial with pellets or liquid dropper bottle.

Nature's color. Promotes growth, renewal and healing in body, emotions and mind. The color of health, youth, and fertility. Communicates peace, harmony, tranquility, balance.

Opens the heart to love, understanding, nurturing, compassion, generosity. Calms, soothes and stabilizes the nervous system and emotions.

Excellent for exhaustion and stress.


Promotes enthusiasm, hope, acceptance, contentment, emotional stability, well-being. Helps ease fear associated with emotional involvement / intimacy. Abundance, prosperity, wealth.

Regenerates cells, builds muscle tissue, oxygenates body, a sexual tonic. Beneficial for blood vessels, pituitary gland, heart, reproductive system, thymus gland, bones, lungs.

Indicated for jealousy, greed, pessimism, rigidity, emotional repression, vindictiveness.


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