Cell Salt Combination (cell salts 13 through 27)

$ 27.50

No 13 Potassium arsenite (Kali Ars) 
No 14 Potassium bromide (Kali Brom) 
No 15 Potassium iodide (Kali Iod) 
No 16 Lithium chloride (Lith Mur) 
No 17 Manganese sulfate (Mang Sulph) 
No 18 Calcium sulfide (Calc Sulf) 
No 19 Copper arsenite (Cuprum Ars) 
No 20 Alum (Kali Alum Sulph) 
No 21 Zinc chloride (Zinc Mur) 
No 22 Calcium carbonate (Calc Carb) 
No 23 Sodium bicarbonate (Nat Bicarb) 
No 24 Arsenic iodide (Ars Iod)
No 25 Aurum chloride sodium (Aurum Mur Nat) 
No 26 Selenium (Selenium) 
No 27 Potassium dichromate (Kali Dichrom) 

Cell Salts are created purely by trituration. Grinding and scraping substance with sucrose powder.

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