No. 09 Cell Salt ~ Sodium Chloride (nat mur)

$ 12.00

Regulates water distribution within the cells. Excessive moisture in any part of the system indicates nat mur deficiency. Colds with discharge of watery mucus, wheezing, sneezing, blocked nose, itchy-sore throat, dry, painful nose and throat symptoms, toothache and facial neuralgia with flow of tears and saliva, eyes weak, the wind causes them to water. Low spirits with a feeling of hopelessness, headaches with constipation, thin blood, difficult stools with rawness and soreness of the anus. Drowsiness, unrefreshing sleep - tired in the morning, loss of taste and smell, craving for salty foods and slow digestion.

Cell Salts are created purely by trituration. Grinding and scraping substance with sucrose powder or lactose powder to 3X, 6X or 12X, there is no dilution or succussion involved.

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