Meditative Proving Remedy ~ Orange

$ 15.00

Helps solidify, concentrate and manifest our thought forms in our physical body, both positive and negative, thus grounding our truth and allowing the light of self-realization to come through. Tones the physical body, the skin, muscles, tendons, bones and the spine, organizes the discs, increases the flow and straightens the channels of energy up and down through the nadi and the nerve centres. Strengthens the aura. Can seal it from negative influences, plus the holes with a strong ertheric cement. For physically weakened states that need tone and structure, where the will has been weak or where nutritional considerations have not been met. Powerful effect on many physical systems, once the spirit of truth has been centred. Balm for hurt and destroyed minds. 

Physically helps: connected with eyes (aching, out of focus), for vision on all levels, lungs (difficulty in breath, asthma, clears respiratory passages), kidneys (strong remedy, nephritis) calms down overactive adrenal glands, spleen (profound effect on energy), circulation (assist flow of blood, bring quality of blood to the point of truth for the individual), cramps in R foot and toes. Sharp pain R inguinal ligament. 

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