Meditative Proving Remedy ~ Olive

$ 15.00

Excellent remedy for all parents, especially new parents. Brings understand and insight into their role to allow them to contact the new being and to understand its needs. Should help to stop parents vaccinating their children. Give to both new parents. Powerful when there is a cross link between two incarnations such as when there have been twins in the womb and one has not survived. Linked to the breath. Good for those out of the rhythm of life. For those who are trying to escape their incarnation. All carcinogenic states. Itching and twitching. Strengthens bones, hair and nails. Slows a metabolism which is too fast. Calms adrenalin so can be at peace. Very Cold. Great heat all over. 

Physically helps: head (brain and tumours), eyes (quality of vision), stomach (calm acidity in digestive tract at physical level, ulcers in any part of digestive tract), abdomen (inflammation of pancreas and spleen), skin (all skin conditions, balm internally and externally), spine afflictions. Affinity with soles of feet, pains in left shoulder, knotted, affects all joints: rigidity and degeneration.

Good as a cream for the skin. 

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