Meditative Proving Remedy ~ Nettle

$ 15.00

A remedy for autumn and winter. Vaccination damage. For anorexics and bulimics and for those who hate their bodies. Important remedy for children. Remedy has a male energy. Itching and tingling in the night. Pulsing through body. Water balance in the body - use with Apis. Effects of external toxins: e.g. skin eruptions, ulceration of the eyes.

Physically helps: head (both lobes of pituitary, numbness around face, tingling, slight vertigo), mouth (gritty splinters, sharp, numbness, sensation needing to open it or speak out), neck and throat (tension - grief held in, throat remedy, tension and stiffness, aching), lungs (cancers, thick black, choking matter), stomach (burning, solar plexus - feels empty, flushes the heat out), kidneys, sensation as if vulva swollen, engorged with desire for sex (female), nervous system (motor neurone disease. MS. tingling sensations with numbness), tingling in feet.

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