Meditative Proving Remedy ~ Natrum Fluoraticum

$ 15.00

Heaviness of the body. Hot flushing and dry heat especially on the sides of the head and face. Works more on the left side of body. Male dominated energy. Cleansing. Restlessness. Strong desire for chocolate. Cramps and spasms of every description in every organ - use in low potency. One of the best remedies for tetanus. For all states of tetany and the parathyroids. Pain in a bone previously fractured - use with Symphytum. For deformities. Road accident victims. Allergies. ME. MS. Precancerous states. Down's Syndrome. Parkinson's. Post viral states. 

Physically helps: head (migraine, pain at occiput, electric shocks, injuries, disorders of the brain and pituitary, brain tumors especially by radiation), ears (burning), face (pain also in the jaw), throat (dryness, pressing pain), heart (pains and palpitations), urinary (kidney energy and fluid retention), hysterectomy where the ovaries are left. Uterine problems such as fibroids before the menopause, heavy menses with bright blood and no clots, nerves (dampened and eventually destroyed), blood (disordered cells). 

Helps to bring light down through the spine. Frees and opens it.

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