Meditative Proving Remedy ~ Kigelia Africana

$ 15.00

Connection with cancer. A lot of grey in the aura. Immune system. Allergies especially to animals; environmental and food allergies. AIDS. Splintering sensations. Good for old injuries. Coolness, icy cold and shivering all over. Feeling hot and burning. Muscle tension. Want to rub body, have a massage. Deep tension. Twitchiness deep in body including internal organs, can feel them moving. 

Physically helps: head (sensations, band of pain across forehead, stiffness in back of the neck, tendency to fall over), ear pain, nose (common cold, runny), face
(lips dry and sore), mouth (salivation), neck and shoulders (very stiff, throbbing), heart (fluttery), stomach (feeling sick and dizy, nausea), female problems (menstrual flooding, possibility of miscarriage), abdomen (diarrhea, pain L side, low down), back (as if a rod is down the spine and across the shoulders), arthritis, pulsation in L ankle, pain in feet, hurts to stand, twitchy toes and fingers.

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