Meditative Proving Remedy ~ Holly Berry

$ 15.00

Itchiness. Twitchings. Needle-like pricklings. Great heat. Hot and itchy. One sided symptoms. Cleanses the spine and all the centres and nervous system. Connection with the lymph glands. For surgery, especially under general anaesthetics, when the consciousness is withdrawn by drugs. Alcoholism.

Physically helps: head (pain, nausea, numbness), neck (pain, seized up), face (sensation of paralysis on right cheek), eyes (gritty, sticking pain, possible pathology), mouth (numbness under the tongue, producing nausea in the throat), stomach (nausea, vomitting for 36 hours), heart (pathology, palpitation, erratic heart beat, all aspects of the circulation, the spleen, aching veins in legs), sharp pain in both axillae as if needle stuck it.

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