Meditative Proving Remedy ~ Frankincense

$ 15.00

Good for people in prison situations or for any incarceration. Animals are helped by this remedy. Cleansing and purifying effect, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Spirit is bathed in water of life, energized and refreshed.

Physically helps with: the head (stress aches, feelings of compression), stiff neck and tense shoulders, the mouth (ulcers, teeth sensitivity), the nose (tickling in nostril, desire to sneeze, the throat (thick black tar sensation around), heart and lungs (pathology, asthma, cardiac arrest), stomach (digestive disturbances, pneumo-gastric nerve), blood disorders, heart pathology, AIDS, calms the nervous system and enhances states of being free from tension and separation. For injuries that have cause brain damage, useful in MS, where limbs or fingers have been severed, R sided paralysis of the face, pins and needles in L foot. 

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