Meditative Proving Remedy ~ Butterfly

$ 15.00

Integration of the whole being on all levels, a sense of relaxing and opening. Stabilizes the body on all levels (receiving new energies, allowing them to be anchored). Helps with general heaviness, sluggishness, tiredness, lethargy, feeling of heat or cold, rolling, falling to the left, feeling bigger. Effects of vaccination (meningitis and measles vaccines). The power to release enormous darkness, can help release people from traumas of chemotherapy and given before, may stop them having it.

Physically helps: all kinda of head pathology (headaches, brain tumours, brain inflammations, heaviness of head, lightheaded, compression), areas on the face (feeling congested, heavy, stuckness in the head, nose bunged up, post nasal drip, eye and nose aches, tingling in teeth having to do with amalgam fillings), neck and shoulder pains (stiffness, crunching, cracking, tensing), throat problems (constriction, mucous, tacky, pain, raspy and burning), effective on thyroid problems in puberty and menopause, the abdomen (diarrhoea, loose bowels, small stools barely formed, nausea), female problems (menopause, hot flushes, sharp pain R ovary extending to back of pelvis, stabbing pain, fertility problems, materially minded women, tied to work, unable to conceive), useful during labour, the general skeletal (stiffness in neck and extremities, rheumatic pains in fingers and joints, pain over right hip and adjacent part of the back), the spine (feeling squashed, compressed, or numb), dreadful sleep.

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