Meditative Proving Remedy ~ Buddleia

$ 15.00

This remedy only touches the physical body. For syphilitic cancers in any part of body (once given to the patient it helps practitioner to see clearly). Unties knots on all levels: joints, extremities, rheumatics and arthritics, stomach, and nerves. Protects the nervous system. Connects the brain with spine and nervous system. Complete physical degeneration, broken down states. Wastage emaciation and withering, with age or otherwise. Fading away, almost emotionally fading away. No sense of where the body is in space, arms and legs feel big.

Physically helps with: headaches, brain tumours and hard nodules in and around the head, L face, teeth and ear painful and numb, all pathology around ears, eyes and hypothalamus blockages, tumours in and behind the eyes, sticky eyes, cataract, all levels of vision, pressure and blockage, as if numbed, post dental work, neck gland swollen on L, stiff neck and shoulders, higher aspects at the thyroid and pituitary, thyroid malfunction, lack of balance, breast tumours, asthma, tumours in lungs, hypertensive states (heart) which yield to no other remedy, enables heart to breathe and see and understand again, burns of all sorts on the skin (radiation, skin cancer, ordinary burns), heals burn wounds quicker and decreases level of keloid scarring, use is on spine and skeletal structure, physical injuries to and all physical disorders of the spine, bones, joints, cranial osteopathy, swelling, lack of connection, lack of muscle tone, tears in muscles, ankle sprains, swollen knees, paralysis, severe pain R shoulder under scapula, legs weak and bent, physically or spiritually, gives strength and uprightness, sensation of heat down the back, cleanses and purifies all fluids in the body (mucus, lymph, water), water balance in the body and kidneys, homeopathic diuretic, kidney stones, watery cysts (bottom of body), dark nodules (top of body), waterlogged swelling, fluid retention, bloating, disorders of the female organs, especially where there is sensitivity to moon phases. Fibroids, menstrual disorders, excessive loss of blood, black blood, endometriosis, period pains, good in childbirth, deep healing of sexuality.

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