Meditative Proving Remedy ~ Ayahuasca

$ 15.00

A life and death remedy. Clears the water system of pollution. Weakness. Wasting. Vertigo with tendency to fall backwards but with all of these symptoms centred around the lack of nourishment. Necrotic activity, gangrenous infection, blackness, sores, oedematous process. ME. Polio. Shaking palsy. AIDS. Cancer of various forms; cancer of female organs. For those who lose so much of their life through chemotherapy. For children born with the umbilicus around their necks. Autism.

Eyes: cataracts and for helping the blind to see. Diseases of cones and rods. 

Lungs: wastage of soft tissue and right lung especially. Emphysema and collapsed lung. 

Heart: congenital heart problems. 

Abdomen: troubles with absorption, assimilation and elimination. Weakness from malnutrition cause by faulty assimilation. Emanciation. 

Male: a male remedy. Good for sexual abuse. 

Extremities: shriveling and muscle wastage, gaunt, fleshless people. Scar tissue. As a consequence of poor assimilation the tendons, the elasticity of the muscles and the porosity of the bones are affected, leading to a tendency to dislocation and crumbling joints. 

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