Meditative Proving Remedy ~ Ash

$ 15.00

It is a powerful remedy for all on your place of consciousness, humans, animals and plants. It gives a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy. It creates a balance between breaking down and regenerating. Gives resolution. Purity. Ash will help to clarify and clear and make the individual more responsible. A very quiet remedy with enormous hidden strength. Can be given to pregnant women to help the incarnating soul. For old people, particularly when they go into a state of half dream when only their body is here in this world, the rest of them is somewhere else. Genetic mutation and interference: past and future. Anti-tumour qualities: breast tumours and also for nodules and tumours of the throat. It can breakdown viruses, neoplasms and micro-organisms of all kinds. On a cellular level it is able to ebreak down the structures to purify and regenerate. Slow growth. Stiffness all over. 

Head: burning sensation in the head. Head irritating and itchy. Poor brain development.

Eyes: burning, stinging and watering. Sticky thick discharge in both eyes. Water L eye. 

Nose: streaming, hayfever-type symptoms in nose. Difficult to breathe and swallow.

Neck: stiff, unable to move. 

Throat: sore throat. Glandular swellings in throat. 

Lungs: too hot, cannot breathe, no air. Asthma and emphysema, poor oxygenation, air hunger, poor use of iron in the body. TB constitution. Releases tensions in diaphragm cause by emotions. 

Stomach: a lot of burping. 

Abdomen: helps balance pancreas and other organs. 

Spleen: balances spleen energy so correct transmutation of solar energy can occur; relieves chronic fatigue or immune compromised conditions. Sense of discomfort around the solar plexus.

Urinary: allows the water balance within the body to flow correctly.

Lymph: allows lymph drainage to flow. Clears lymph nodes which have been blocked for many years. Lymph cleanser and drainer. Lymph nodules and infections.

Sacrum: aching in sacral area. 

Spine: stitches in spine, almost pulsating.

Nerves: affects nerve ganglions and the nervous system structures. For nervous disorders with jerking and choreic movements, where the sou wants to leave the body but its mission is to stay in it. Deep nervous trouble. Paralysis. MS. Twitching, jerkings, difficulty in walking or moving. 

?Circulation:? vein problems; for tortuous twisted veins. 

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