Meditative Proving Remedy ~ Apple

$ 15.00

Malus sylvestris (malus-s)

Deep acting. For travelers: jet lag, motion sickness, those who are travelling long distances, far from their roots. This remedy will help them be in the present. Help the physical body adjust to the time changes and keep the mind awake and alert. Brings a sense of being sheltered and protected. A very protective remedy. Protects from negative influences. It will restore order from chaos; physical chaos caused by drugs or mental chaos. Mumps remedy. Mumps component of MMR vaccination. (Earthworm for measles/polio component). Good remedy for fever e.g. glandular fever or parotid glands. Glands generally are affected. Left sided. Weakness, torpor, can't be bothered and want life to be over with because it's too much effort. Slowness. Very cold. 

Head: clears headaches from mental strain. L sided sinuses. Headaches and ear pain on L. Pain around base of neck. 

Eyes: foggy vision, cataracts and everything which disturbs focus. Fatigue of the eyes with watering. Blurred vision.

Face: a peculiar sensation of skin on face being pulled up, more right sided. Heat in.

Throat: blockages in heart, karmic blockages for many generations ago. 

Digestive: will refine the chemistry and aid greatly in the digestive process which is so much abused on your level at the present time. Soothes and aids the mucous membrane surfaces in the alimentary canal, facilitating better and easier assimilation of food. 

Abdomen: IBS - people feel pressured, stressed, confined in what they are doing. It will help them release and relax.

Kidneys: affinity for the water balance: oedema especially when the swelling is in the ankles and the feet, from heat. Urge to urinate. 

Female: encourages ovulation when L ovary malfunctioning. Nausea in pregnancy which persists beyond the 3rd month. Where the mother feels she doesn't belong either in the culture or the country and she is unsure of her pregnancy. It will help the mother to assimilate the changes in her life. It is useful in maintaining pregnancy where there is a history of miscarriages without reason. 

Male: infertility, low sperm count or lacking in quality.

Sex: sexual energy ++. Sexual dreams. Suppressed sexuality at the base and sacral centres: from abuse, suppressed fear, guilt, inability to use sexual energy in the right way. 

Extremities: tension in legs; can't relax, restless legs, twitching and jerking. Ache in L scapula. Lower back ache. 

?Nerves: cramping with congestive heart attack and stomach cramping especially with nerves.

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