Meditative Proving Remedy ~ Almond

$ 15.00

Prunus dulcis (amyg-am)

Good for all malignant states of body, mind and soul. Stuck states and stuck energy. Attitudes stuck through fear. Blocks that are hard to shift and for the trauma behind these blocks. Many therapeutic uses. 

States of stagnation, stasis, congestion, weakness. Everything is dying inside. Things seizing up, blood vessels, muscles wasting; internal organs not being used properly.


Ulceration, sepsis. 

Sensation of being split and R side larger. 

Numbness R side.

Helpful for sleep problems, for it puts one at ease. 

Connection with blood and circulation.

Major remedy for travel at speed and for jetlag.

Head: L sided headache. Sinus pain L teeth. Strong connection with the pituitary gland. Sensation as if I wanted to take my head off to relieve such a heavy weight. 
Sensations up in Crown area on L side. 

Eyes: helps with hearing and sight problems, physically and on all levels.

Ears: strong link to the ears, hearing. Hearing impaired through nerve damage. Can achieve the impossible in improving hearing. Tinnitus. 

Throat: Nausea in the solar plexus and throat areas. 
Numbness of the throat, tongue, soft palate. 

Abdomen: Sensation of tight stretched abdomen, like a drum. 

Back: pain from under L shoulder blade to L breast. Burning pains in back. 

Extremities: numbness L foot. Hands felt as if in stinging nettles. Aware of the two clavicles and where they join. Soreness, not on the joint, on the length of the bones, especially L side. Pain R shoulder.

Female: P.M.T. Could have murdered someone. Wanting to be alone- had enough. Weepy, oversympathetic. People who are trying to conceive. Helps remove blocks and can even help the incoming soul.

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