Homeopathy to the Rescue for Cats - 50 count Feline Remedy Kit

$ 180.00

50 - Half Dram Remedies

Acon 30C
Apis 30C
Arg-n 30C
Arn 30C
Ars 30C
Bell 30C
Berb 30C
Bry 30C
Calc-p 30C
Carb-ac 200C
Carb-v 30C
China 30C
Frag 30C
Graph 30C
Hepar 30C
Hyper 30C
Kali-b 200C
Led 30C
Merc 30C
Nat-s 30C
Nux-v 30C
Phos 30C
Phos-ac 30C
Podo 30C
Pulex 30C
Puls 30C
Rhus-t 30C
Sars 30C
Sil 30C
Staph 6C
Sulph 30C
Symph 30C
Thuja 30C
Verat 30C
FCV 200C
FeLV 200C
FeLV 10M
FIV 200C
FPV 200C
FHV-1 200C
FHV-1 10M
FH 200C
FH 10M
Bord 200C
Bord 10M
Chlamyd 200C
Chlamyd 10M
Lyss 30C

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