Gemmotherapy Remedy ~ Sequoia gigantica (Giant Redwood)

$ 22.50

Young shoots, purified water, and colloidal silver or alcohol as a preservative. For treatment of inflamed and senescent prostate. Treats uterine fibroids, dysmenorrheal, and menopausal osteoporosis. Stimulates metabolism of osteoblasts enhancing absorption of minerals and creating better quality bone tissue. Indicated for delayed repair of fractures. Removes stiffness from tendons and ligaments. Gives patient sense of well being.

Combine with Quercus robur (European Oak) for delayed repair of fracture, male sexual degeneration.

Combine with Ribes nigrum (Blackberry Vine) for inflammation.

Combine with Ribes nigrum (Blackberry Vine) and Quercus rover (European Oak) for adrenal malfunction and tiredness.

Combine with Rubus fruticosus (Raspberry Vine) and Vaccinium vitis idaea (Wine Berry / Lingonberry) for pain relief.

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