Gemmotherapy Remedy ~ Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary)

$ 22.50

Young shoots, purified water, and colloidal silver or alcohol as a preservative. Primarily a liver and gallbladder drainer. Treats biliary colic. Retards early manifestations of aging. Excellent remedy for chronic allergies. For men with prostate problems, impotence, and various anomalies in sexual function. In women treats acne, dysmenorrheal and certain frigidity. Acts on the intestinal mucosa and is recommended for colitis and Crohn's disease. Can be used for chronic nervousness. Remedy can be taken for a long time but treatment begins with low doses of 10 to 25 drops once per day and increase according to tolerance.

Combined with Viburnum lanata (Lithy Tree) for allergic asthma.

Caution: when used in high doses without building tolerance may cause epileptic seizure.

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