Gemmotherapy Remedy ~ Ficus carica (Fig Tree Buds)

$ 22.50

Buds, purified water, vegetable glycerin and colloidal silver or alcohol as a preservative. Helps regulate the endocrine system and alleviate psychosomatic disorders. An excellent remedy for stress and stomach related issues; herniated diaphragms, ulcers, gastritis, colitis. Positive effect on bulimia. Stomach Drainer. 

Indicated in post traumatic stress syndrome after head injury, post concussion syndrome.

Stress relaxant, antidepressant, quiets rushing thoughts preventing sleep, settles emotions, increases dreaming.

Combine with Alnus glutinosa (European Alder) for gastro-duedenal ulcer.

Combine with Juglans regia (European Walnut) for chronic eczema, psoriasis, chronic digestive problems.

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