Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) Remedies

Y-Gamma rays- Gamma-knife surgery, CT scans, radiation therapy

HX-Hard X-rays


EUV-Extreme ultraviolet- photolithography for semiconductor manufacture.

NU-Near-ultraviolet- Sunlight, electric arcs, mercury lamps.

NIR-Near-Infrared- (NIR) spectroscopy is used for fast, non-destructive measurements that control manufacturing processes. Night-vision devices. Fiber optic telecommunication.

MIR-Mid infrared – Guided missile technology.

FIR-Far-infrared – optical imaging, T-Ray imaging

EHF-Extremely-high-frequency- radio astronomy, high-speed microwave data links, broadband internet access, wireless HD, military weapons systems.

SHF-Super-high-frequency - radar transmitters, microwave ovens, wireless LANs, cell phones, satellite communication, microwave radio relay links, wireless USB technology.

UHF-Ultra-high-frequency- television broadcasting (digital and analogue), cordless phones, walkie-talkies, personal radio services, satellite communication, cell phones.

VHF-Very-high-frequency - FM radio broadcasting, television broadcasting, land mobile stations (emergency, business, private use and military), long range data communication with radio modems, amateur radio, marine communications, air traffic control communications and air navigation systems.

HF-High-frequency - international shortwave broadcasting stations, aviation communication, government time stations, weather stations, amateur radio and citizens band services.

MF-Medium-frequency - AM radio broadcasting, navigational radio beacons, and maritime ship-to-shore communication.

LF-Low-frequency - In Europe, and parts of Northern Africa and of Asia, part of the LF spectrum is used for AM broadcasting. In the western hemisphere, its main use is for aircraft beacon, navigation (LORAN), information, and weather systems.

VLF-Very-low-frequency - government time radio stations which broadcast time signals to set radio clocks, and for secure military communication

VF-ULF-Voice-frequency – used by military for secure communications through the ground. Telephony.

SLF-Super-low-frequency – AC power. U.S. and Russian military have built huge radio transmitters using SLF frequencies to communicate with their submarines.

ELF-Extremely-low-frequency – Lightening. Submarine communication.

Gurudas-Gem-Coal - For exposure to radiation. Alleviates petrochemical miasm. Relieves depression, improves self-esteem

Gurudas-Gem-Granite - Aligns all the subtle bodies in a specific manner to stimulate tissue regeneration of skin and internal organs. Use in combination with Flint for tissue regeneration of the glands and in conjunction with magnetic healing. Aligns spinal column and alleviates over exposure to radiation.