Flower Essences from California ~ Lavender

$ 11.00

A transformational essence that helps individuals who are highly absorbent of spiritual influences. They tend to be very awake and mentally active. Often they absorb more energy than the body can process. Physically this could result in headaches, vision problems, neck and shoulder tension or insomnia. Lavender activates the crown chakra, integrates aspects of the higher self with ones personality, aids in removing karmic blockages that prevent spiritual progress. For over-sensitivity and nervousness, especially when spiritual practices seem to be depleting the nervous system.

Alcohol free

Flower Essences from California are created from certified organic and wild crafted California grown flowers and purified water using the solar method of flower infusion. Colloidal silver 2000ppm is used as a preservative.

Alcohol free

2 dram vial with homeopathic pellets or 30ml orange glass bottle with black dropper top.

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