Sea Essences from the Pacific Ocean ~ Sea Anemone

$ 10.00

Sea Anemone is for acceptance of self and others by taking responsibility for one's own reality. The remedy acts to open us to greater levels of awareness by aligning the mental body with our Higher Soul Purpose. Thus we realize that I do create my own reality. Every thought I think, every feeling I feel, affects the whole. Anemone releases karmic stuckness in the Solar Plexus. The events and experiences of our lives always look different if we begin from the understanding that we have chosen them for our life script. Then the highest order of free will can be experienced -- "How may I respond to this?" The alternative is resistance, which always leaves us feeling tense, isolated, and alone. Only when you are able to respond from your higher self will your choices lead to inner peace. Only when you are willing to accept that you have chosen this event as the classroom for your learning will you be free.

Our Sea Essences from the Pacific Ocean are made with source material, triturated to C3, diluted and succussed per hahnemann method. They come in a 30ml bottle with a dropper top, or 2 dram vials with #30 homeopathic pellets.

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