Sea Essences from the Pacific Ocean ~ Jellyfish

$ 10.00

Jellyfish is used for fluidity and letting go into the experience. On the sand, where it is sometimes left when the tide goes out, a jellyfish looks like a clear, insignificant gelatinous blob. When it is floating in water, it looks as graceful as an angel dancing. Jellyfish is a birthing and rebirthing remedy. Resistance creates pain. Holding on to anything other than what "is" right now creates blockage and stagnation. Primarily a spiritual remedy, Jellyfish connects us with the rhythms of our being and prevents rigid emotional and mental patterns from interfering with the experience of the NOW. Through fluidity, we are able to see infinite possibility.

Our Sea Essences from the Pacific Ocean are made with source material, triturated to C3, diluted and succussed per hahnemann method. They come in a 30ml bottle with a dropper top, or a 2 dram vial with #30 homeopathic pellets.

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