Sea Essences from the Pacific Ocean ~ Brown Kelp

$ 10.00

Brown Kelp is for shifts in perception leading to clarity. Brown kelp looks like a tangled mass of long, rubbery strands with round bulbous floats. It reflects the immense mental confusion we will often tolerate before we are willing to take a leap of faith in order to see things differently. Fear often maintains the same fixed point of view even when the experience shows us that it is not serving us. Brown Kelp balances the energy between the Root, or survival, chakra, and the Crown chakra, our connection with the macrocosm. Often when we are fearful, we go into old survival patterns instead of trusting the flow.

Our Sea Essences from the Pacific Ocean are made with source material, triturated to C3, diluted and succussed per hahnemann method. They come in a 30ml bottle with a dropper top, or a 2 dram vial with #30 homeopathic pellets.

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