Smudging Herbs

Smudging Herbs
Smudging Herbs
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Kinnikinnik is an old Algonquin Indian word for special botanical mixtures used for ceremonial offerings and in ritual. Kinnikinnik also refers to bearberry, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi which can be smudged alone or added to a larger mixture. Kinnikinnik is not always burned, sometimes it is carried as an offering or worn for it's aroma. To make kinnikinnik select your favorites from the list below and balance their scents to suit your own needs. Fragrances sometimes build slowly and only release their best aroma in combination with others or when they are smudged.

Angelica leaves

Aster leaves and flowers

Bayberry leaves


Birch bark

Blueberry leaves

Canadian Hemlock needles

Coltsfoot leaves

Dogwood bark and leaves

Goldenrod leaves and blossoms

Juniper leaves, bark and berries

Licorice root and bark

Meadowsweet leaves and bark


Mullein leaves and roots

Sage leaves (not culinary sage)

Sunflower leaves

Sweet Clover blossoms and leaves


Uva Ursi leaves

Wild Lettuce leaves

Willow bark and leaves


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