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Homeopathic Tissue Cell Salts 2 dram vials with homeopathic pellets 6X potency
Cell Salts
Cell Salts
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Product Description
Calcium Phosphate Restores strength to the body, aids in growth and development and convalescence. Good for circulation, bones and teeth.

Calcium Sulphate Blood purifier, cleans out accumulations of non-functional, organic matter in the blood and tissues. Good for catarrh and acne.

Calcium fluoride Contributes to elasticity walls of blood vessels, muscular and connective tissue, surface of bones and tooth enamel. Is indicated where relaxed conditions exist, sluggish circulation, varicose veins, cracks in skin, cracked and calloused heels and muscular weakness.

Sodium Phosphate (nat phos) Acid neutraliser, deficiency allows uric acid to form salts which become deposited around the joints and tissues giving rise to stiffness and swelling, and other painful rheumatic conditions. Highly coloured urine, worms, nervous irritability.

Sodium Sulphate (nat sulph) Removes poison charged fluids which are the normal result of chemical exchanges in the body. Important in the treatment of rheumatism, bitter taste in the mouth, biliousness, flu and malaria.

Sodium Chloride (nat mur) Regulates water distribution within the cells. Excessive moisture in any part of the system indicates nat mur deficiency. Colds with discharge of watery mucus, wheezing, sneezing, blocked nose, itchy-sore throat, dry, painful nose and throat symptoms, toothache and facial neuralgia with flow of tears and saliva, eyes weak, the wind causes them to water. Low spirits with a feeling of hopelessness, headaches with constipation, thin blood, difficult stools with rawness and soreness of the anus. Drowsiness, unrefreshing sleep - tired in the morning, loss of taste and smell, craving for salty foods and slow digestion.

Potassium Phosphate (kali phos) Nerve nutrient, helps maintain contented disposition and sharpens the mental faculties. Sleeplessness, depression, lack of pep, foot odour.

Potassium Sulphate (kali sulph) Works in conjunction with ferrum phos as an oxygen carrier. Sticky yellowish discharges, dandruff.

Potassium chloride (kali mur) Thick white discharges, white coating on tongue, stops blood clots, light coloured stools, noisy coughs, colds, sore throats, bronchitis, symptoms worse after eating fatty foods, warts on hands.

Magnesium Phosphate Deficiency causes spasms, twitching, and cramps. Indicated for nerve pains such as neuralgia, sciatica and pains associated with shooting, darting stabs of pain.

Silica / silicon dioxide Deep cleanser and eliminator, breaks up pathological accumulations e.g., abscesses, breaks down calcium deposits and spurs. Treats offensive odour of the feet and arms, night sweats, itchy eyes and nose, ringing in the ears, good for sinus related problems.

Iron Phosphate (ferrum phos) Known as the oxygen carrier, gives strength and toughness to arteries, blood vessels and skin. For congestion, inflammatory pain, high temperature, quickened pulse. Conditions ending in -itis are considered to be inflammatory e.g., arthritis.

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